Guido Fawkes: We beat BBC's Kuenssberg to Leadsom quitting news by three minutes

Andrea Leadsom delivers a statement ruling herself out of Tory leadership battle. Picture: REUTERS/Neil Hall

The BBC’s claim that it was first to report news of Andrea Leadsom’s withdrawal from the contest to become Tory leader and Britain’s next Prime Minister has been labelled “demonstrably untrue”.

Political website Guido Fawkes has claimed the scoop after showing it tweeted the news three minutes before BBC political editor Laura Kuenssberg.

The tweet from Guido Fawkes
The tweet from Guido Fawkes
The tweet from Laura Kuenssberg
The tweet from Laura Kuenssberg

Following Leadsom’s announcement yesterday, which led to Theresa May taking the top job, the BBC has written a Twitter post claiming it was Kuenssberg, who tweets at @bbclaurak, who broke the story.

Linking to a series of tweets from Kuenssberg, the BBC News (UK) Twitter account said: “Anatomy of a political scoop – how @bbclaurak broke news of @andrealeadsom’s #ToryLeadership exit.”

BBC political scoop Leadsom tweet

In response, Media Guido, the website’s media news arm, said in a blog post: “Laura Kuenssberg follows Guido on Twitter.

“Her tweet was by definition not a scoop – as over 200,000 followers of Guido’s Twitter feed know.

“Lobby hacks were already furiously re-tweeting Guido before Laura followed up three minutes later. So this bit of bragging from BBC News is just demonstrably untrue.”

The BBC has declined to comment.


3 thoughts on “Guido Fawkes: We beat BBC's Kuenssberg to Leadsom quitting news by three minutes”

  1. Since when did the BBC ever apologise for getting facts wrong?
    They have to protect the well paid Guardianistas who infest our airwaves and TV screens with lefty inspired rubbish.
    The BBC will not and cannot admit Guido beat them to a news scoop, after all how else does the Central Committee of the State Broadcasting Corporation justify its existence?
    You Must Listen To Us. We Are The Guardians Of Truth And Justice.

    A hatchet job on Tory MP’s? No problems squire.
    Disunity and strife in the Labour party? Er, I’m sure we mentioned it somewhere this morning.

    Perhaps the Fat BBC Controllers (Radio) should ask themselves why listeners prefer LBC/Commercial radio stations?
    Being unbiased helps.

  2. I could live with a brief delay if that meant facts were confirmed and sources substantiated.

    However, the BBC seldom manages that, especially when it is ‘news’ it likes the sound of.

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