By David Banks 07 October 15:18
I was Press Gazette’s ‘Guest Blog’ for perhaps two hours earlier this week: enough time, anyway, for Jane Haase, Trinity Mirror’s Regional Head of Shared Content, to contact PG editor Dominic Ponsford and obtain the article’s withdrawal.
By Press Gazette 02 October 11:34
Press Gazette has published its annual guide to journalism training, produced in association with the National Council for the Training Journalists.
By Pete Brown 30 September 18:00
“And so it begins … ISIS flag among refugees in Germany fighting the police,” blared the headline on the Conservative Post; “with this new leaked picture, everything seems confirmed”. The image in question purported to show a group of Syrian refugees holding ISIS flags and attacking German police officers.
By Mick Hume 08 September 11:54
It seems that the cry ‘journalism is not a crime’ is everywhere. Turkey’s use of anti-terror laws to arrest two British journalists (and their local ‘fixer’) working for Vice sparked a wave of online protests and petitions.
By Amber Melville-Brown 25 August 10:45
A letter from the Queen means you've reached the ripe old age of 100. A letter from Kensington Palace may mean you've overstepped the mark snapping pictures of a royal prince.
By Christopher Hutchings 04 August 8:41

The dramatic rise in issued claims for defamation, in particular litigation concerning online publications, might – on the face of the statistics – suggest that the eagerly-anticipated Defamation Act 2013 has already failed in its objective of pro

By Rushabh Haria 28 July 9:28
London24 editor on giving punters what they ask for
By James Vellacott 27 July 11:14
Former Daily Mirror photographer James Vellacott reveals how he swapped redundancy-threatened life on the national press for a new career heading up his own successful video producation company.
By Colin Randall 16 July 15:57
Guy Rais was a name that resounded in Fleet Street for most of his 35-year career as a Daily Telegraph reporter covering events from war and man-made or natural disasters to the doings and undoing of notorious criminals. At the grand old age of 95, he has died.
By Rushabh Haria 10 July 13:30
A decade after Reuters moved away from Fleet Street, Press Gazette took a wander down what was once the street of adventure for journalists.
By Nigel Tait 09 July 10:47
So, what has contributed to London losing its crown? The so-called “chilling effect”, felt by editors when they feel the icy blast of an incipient libel action, has been warmed up by a number of developments.
By Shruti Sheth 06 July 16:09
More women than ever are training to be journalists.
By Gareth Corfield 24 June 9:33
Croydon Advertiser reporter Gareth Davies did absolutely nothing wrong when he followed up a local fraudster's conviction with fresh stories about her criminal conduct.
By Alan Geere 17 June 17:39
I had a fun time in Afghanistan working with people who called themselves journalists but were from artistic backgrounds like painting, sculpture and poetry and don't even get me started on American journalists and their 'liberal arts' background.
By Dr Anthony Seldon 11 June 17:45
The last 12 months have been the richest for news in Britain for many years. Where does one start?
By David Spens QC and Tom Coke-Smyth 09 June 10:19
Despite an apparent climbdown from Operation Elveden, the risk of a criminal prosecution for paying public officials for stories, even when the story is clearly in the public interest, is now higher than ever for journalists.
By Andrew Hughes 04 June 11:37
In his blog earlier this week David Benigson of Signal suggested newspapers and NLA media access were missing a trick by not adopting a Spotify-style model – low cost, high volume - for news aggregators. A challenge is always welcome, and new ideas ditto, but I’m afraid David is not on a winner here.
By Brian Cathcart 04 June 8:50
The Daily Mail has been reassuring its readers that the delay in the repeal of the Human Rights Act (HRA) will not be indefinite and is just a matter of getting the detail right. "This is going to happen," it quoted a government source as saying. "We will deliver it – but we are not going to be rushed."
By David Benigson 01 June 12:28
Like most big tech firms, Google doesn’t do “sorry”, but the announcement of its Digital News Initiative is a tacit acknowledgment that they've been profiting from online news links for years without giving anything back. Yet this doesn’t resolve the issue that Google - along with companies like mine - aren’t paying for the news content on which their revenue depends.
By Mark Abbott 27 May 11:14
Mark Abbott, a criminal defence lawyer and partner at Blaser Mills law firm, acted as former Sun managing editor Graham Dudman's solicitor after he was arrested and charged under Operation Elveden.