Notes from down table

I can hear the last Post

Sadly, it looks as if the Birmingham Post is well and truly fucked. The struggling, business-orientated morning was the subject of a Financial Times story yesterday which suggests that it might be about to go weekly.

I knew that sales were poor, but I didn't realise that paid-for copies had dropped to fewer than 7,000 - a claim made by the FT and stood up by my own sources this morning. (Just what you want on the golf course early on a Sunday - a call from Mr Cardigan suggesting that you're about to lose your job.)

I would normally rail against the corporate bastards who have let down this splendid newspaper, but no more. If the Post going weekly, and the Birmingham Mail moving to overnight printing to satisfy the morning market, means that the strongest title survives, then so be it. This is the world in which we live.



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