By Grey Cardigan 21 December 12:34

Sometimes I think that I inhabit a different planet to many of my co-workers or, rather, that they live on a different planet to me.

By Grey Cardigan 05 December 11:45
The PRs who try to buy off journalists with trinkets
By Grey Cardigan 21 November 12:02
There seem to have been rather a lot of important news stories around this week so, scared of the increasingly complicated life that surrounds me, I’ve decided to retreat into minutia and concentrate on a really important thing – a mitten in a hedge.
Workers remove debris left from Hurricane Sandy New York. Pic: Reuters
By Grey Cardigan 06 November 9:54
Sandy blog: A Waste of time but it earned some brownie points
By Grey Cardigan 30 October 8:43

We might bemoan the pain that the beancounters have inflicted upon us in recent years but, in hindsight, they’re only getting what’s probably a justifiable revenge.

By Press Gazette 24 October 9:46

I am not remotely surprised that the Daily Record in Glasgow has decided to close the comments section o

Pic: Reuters
By Press Gazette 16 October 9:53

I really do think that it’s time we had an Apology Amnesty: a day when nobody was forced to grovel because of a careless remark or a throwaway comment, usually completely harmless but in the one-eyed view of assorted pressure groups the biggest af

By Press Gazette 10 October 17:11

AS IF the Attorney General didn't have enough to worry about, what with fire-fighting Twitter trolls who overhear something interesting from A Bloke in the Pub and then recycle it as fact, even the cops are now causing him grief by driving a black

By Grey Cardigan 01 October 10:15
I WAS gearing up for my annual pop at part-work opportunists DeAgostini when some nosy parkers at pressure group Consumer Focus, which appears to be one of those quangos that were supposed to have long been abolished, went and blabbed to the nationals.
By Grey Cardigan 24 September 15:19
Somebody a lot smarter than me once said: “If you're the smartest person in the room, you're in the wrong room”.
By Grey Cardigan 14 September 17:28
Tales of office closures elsewhere prompt me to consider the situation of the Evening Beast.
By Grey Cardigan 03 September 12:21

MY APPRECIATION of newspaper sales execs last week omitted to mention another of the 'black arts' these splendid chaps were masters of, and that was fiddling the figures.

By Grey Cardigan 28 August 12:46

NOW I have great admiration for newspaper sales staff.

By Grey Cardigan 03 August 13:01

You may be surprised to learn that there is one group of journalists that is just as concerned with the migration of daily titles to weekly publication than those poor sods directly involved in the inevitable job cuts.

By Grey Cardigan 30 July 11:52

So is this the end of satire?

By Grey Cardigan 09 July 9:33

NO doubt if it was happening in Mexico or Guatemala, the systematic persecution of a national newspaper's journalists by the police and State would be all over Professor Greenslade's Guardian blog. But it's not.

By Grey Cardigan 02 July 15:25

SO here you are. A young and thrusting sub who's battled their way up from the provinces to the heady heights of what used to be Fleet Street. You're now sitting on the back bench of a national newspaper ...

By Grey Cardigan 26 June 12:36

"WE ARE conscious that if we are to plan responsibly for the future of the business, and the readers whom we serve, we need a comprehensive strategy which involves managing expenditure and practising good housekeeping while continuing to provide t