Gossip writer sues Clintons and New York Daily News

The former New York Post gossip writer who it was alleged tried to shake down a multimillionaire California businessman on the promise of keeping negative stories about him out the paper is now sueing a host of people including the Clintons, both Bill and Hillary.

Jared Paul Stern filed his suit in New York, claiming the Clintons used their influence to persuade the FBI to pursue the case against him, a case that was ultimately shelved. He is asking for damages – but no specific amount.

He is also suing the New York Daily News – the Post's main rival – which broke the story and the reporter who wrote it.

Most of the allegations against Stern hinged on a videotape recording that included, it was claimed, an offer by Stern to keep stories about Californian businessman Ronald Burkle, a frequent subject of gossip items, out of The Post's Page Six in return for a substantial payment.

President Clinton he claims was an old friend of the wealthy Californian.

In the suit Stern claims the recording was made by a former Secret Service agent who once worked for President Clinton. He adds that the Clintons used their influence with the federal authorities to encourage the charges against him.

He accuses the Clintons of seeking to "destroy" the NY Post's gossip page and the paper in general. The reason? The Post's persistent criticism of the Clintons – and the damage to Hillary Clinton's bid for the Presidency.

The New York office of the FBI – which from the start has never confirmed it was ever investigating Stern – refused to comment on the suit.

Stern no longer works for The Post and is now living outside New York and reportedly writing a book.

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