Glossy fights for 40+ mums

Health Plus, the Emap health and beauty glossy aimed at women aged 40 and upwards, has defended its readers’

right to have children, following negative press coverage on late pregnancies.

The title hit back at health writers’

which have filled column space in the past week, on the increased risk
of complications for women who get pregnant over the age of 35.

spokeswoman for the title said that Fern Britton, Cherie Blair,
Mariella Frostrup and Madonna were all examples of women in their 40s
who had had children.

She added: “While there may be some risks to having a later pregnancy, there are also numerous positives.

Plus magazine, while it highlights the risks of 40-plus pregnancies,
strongly believes that if you are fit and healthy and informed by your
GP, then 40-plus pregnancies should be an option for all.”

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