Give us a fair hearing, says DPP

Ken Macdonald, the director of public prosecutions, has reaffirmed his
commitment to a more openness between the press and the Crown
Prosecution Service and called for the media to give fairer hearing to
the progress it is making.
Speaking at the Law For Journalists conference this morning, jointly
organised by Press Gazette and the Newspaper Society, he said that
although there is still some way to go before the cultural change is
complete, he is pleased with progress in recent weeks under the new
joint protocol which releases more prosecution evidence to journalists.
“It signifies our growing determination to be open with you and to
engage more constructively with you – something that I have led and
something I promise will continue,” he said.
“In return I hope that the media will give us a fairer hearing. Yo need
to catch up with where we are now. We need to tell you how we are
changing and you need to assess that objectively,” Macdonald added.

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