Girl Guides' petition bid to tackle magazine airbrushing

Magazines could be forced to disclose when photographs have been airbrushed or otherwise enhanced if a petition launched by the Girl Guides is successfull.

The youth group launched the petition yesterday and is hoping to persuade at least 20,000 to sign it before handing it to Prime Minister David Cameron.

They might also considering dropping a copy off at the offices of the Press Complaints Commission.

Section 1 of clause 1 of the Editor’s Code of Practice, which all magazine editors sign up to, states:

“The Press must take care not to publish inaccurate, misleading or distorted information, including pictures.”

Unfortunately, most consumer magazine editors choose to ignore this and the PCC, reliant as it is on following up individual complaints, does not choose to pro-actively enforce compliance with the rule.

The Guides fear that magazines and advertisement are harming young girls by making them feel they need to emulate images of misleadingly perfect bodies.

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