Freelance tips

By David Nicholson 17 December 13:04
When contacted me in late 2013 they were looking for European financial writers who would contribute 500 plus words to the website a few times a month for a modest fee (way below typical per word rates) plus a "per view" bonus.
By Natasha Courtnay-Smith 26 July 11:45
Today is a day for celebration. It is a day that at times, I thought I might never see.
By Sheron Boyle 17 July 9:12
Like this year’s British summer, it seems spring cleaning by The Sun’s new editor David Dinsmore of its editorial floor has finally arrived – better late than never.
By Amber Kazmierski and William Turvill 02 July 9:30
Sheron Boyle’s Press Gazette article condemning ‘byline banditry’ last week prompted widespread support, including from the new editor of The Sun.
An array of Apple iPhones
By Jon Bernstein 29 April 7:04
From online storage to video conferencing and audio recording.
By Humphrey Evans 19 March 13:11

Here’s something. A journalist I ran into, an editor, in fact, told me about flying out of an airport in a developing country after a  fact-finding trip he had been on.

By Press Gazette 14 February 11:25
Freelance of the week...Rob McGibbon: 'Keeping the wolf from the door? Just bite its head off'
Patricia Carswell
By Press Gazette 15 November 9:19

Patricia Carswell started life as a barrister in a commercial practice in London.

After ten years, she flirted briefly with life-coaching and eventually fell into journalism.

By Press Gazette 08 October 14:02

Simon Tait is a freelance journalist, former arts correspondent of The Times and co-editor of Arts Industry magazine. You can contact him at

By Dominic Ponsford 27 October 5:56

A new national magazine covering Cruising is set to launch next month with national distribution.

By Press Gazette 15 August 3:30

Many journalists look down on women's weeklies and their real-life stories. Most don't aspire to being the writer behind gems such as 'My husband was a boob slasher".

By Humphrey Evans 12 August 3:30

Assumptions: Never assume. Always help out other journalists as they may help you out later (Duncan Campbell).

By Paul McNally 08 August 1:30

Freelance journalists have been warned they are breaking the law and could be fined thousands of pounds unless they register with the Information Commissioner's Office as a 'data controller".

By Linda Jones 29 July 1:30

Freelance education journalist Janet Murray plans to take the summer off this year. Trouble is, she's worried about how much work this will lose her.

By Press Gazette 15 July 3:30

Sandra Geere says freelances across the country are being exploited by wealthy organisations which are routinely selling on their work and pocketing the profit.

By Anne Wollenberg 27 June 3:30

So, you've filed your copy and sent off your invoice. Now you're just waiting for the fee to hit your bank account. Except you've already been waiting two months and it still hasn't materialised.

By Press Gazette 13 June 3:30

When identical triplets were born in January this year, the odds were quoted as 160,000 to one. Just three months later, the chances of having three identical babies had reportedly risen to 200 million to one.

By Cath Janes 03 June 3:30

There's nothing like a light bulb moment, followed by a lucrative commission, to make you remember why you went freelance. This business is based upon bright ideas and the ability to sell them to the highest bidder.

By Rebecca Hardy 19 May 3:30

At some point in their careers, most journalists have to cover violent or psychologically distressing events. For years, we presumed this left no scars.