Freedom of Information

By Dominic Ponsford 16 January 11:41
The Campaign for Freedom of Information warned last night that the FoI Act remains under constant attack from government.
By Charlotte Wace 16 January 8:17
According to official figures, some 400,000 FoI requests have been made to date, with the Act helping bring about the disclosure of MPs' expenses and the publication of individual cardiac surgeons' death rates.
By William Turvill 05 January 10:53
Between January 2013 and November 2014, there were 6,766 vacancies at the corporation, with 3,498 – 51.7 per cent – publicly promoted.
By William Turvill 04 December 11:26
Press Gazette has discovered a sharp increase in police investigations into media leaks during the Leveson Inquiry.
By PA Media Lawyer 01 December 11:07
Kennedy and the newspaper have been fighting to obtain records of the Charity Commission's investigation into the Mariam Appeal, a fund set up by MP George Galloway to ensure that Iraqi children had access to medical help.
By William Turvill 10 November 11:19
Documents obtained by Press Gazette reveal that the Association of Chief Police Officers scuppered Freedom of Information requests sent by this title to every title police force in the country by issuing blanket guidance.
By PA Media Lawyer 06 August 9:40
An information tribunal has ruled that the councillors being identified in the Bolton News "could potentially cause unnecessary and unjustified damage".
George Galloway (Reuters)
By Dominic Ponsford 26 March 17:13
A Supreme Court victory for The Times in its seven-year battle to access secret Charity Commission files about George Galloway’s Mariam Appeal for Iraq could “blow open” the UK Freedom of Information Act.
By Press Gazette 26 March 15:01
Media lawyers have welcomed an "important development" in the right to access information from public authorities, after a seven-year legal battle by a Times journalist.
By Press Gazette 20 March 13:09
The justice minister Simon Hughes has confirmed that the government will carry out two consultations on the Freedom of Information Act later this year.
By Ayub Nouinou 03 March 16:59
Over 80 members of staff employed by the BBC are still receiving at least £150,000 in annual salaries, according to the Sunday Times. These revelations have provoked accusations against the new director-general that he will fail to meet the promises to diminish excessive pay at the broadcasting corporation.
By Press Gazette 03 March 10:20
An NHS whistleblower could be sacked after telling the Daily Mail that a hospital was fiddling its death rates.
By PA Media Lawyer 24 February 16:04
The Attorney General had no reasonable grounds for blocking a court ruling which would allow the disclosure of letters the Prince of Wales wrote to Government ministers, the Court of Appeal was told today.
Maria Miller, Culture, Media and Sport Secretary (Credit: BBC)
By Darren Boyle 20 January 8:42
The Government has refused to release official advice it has received about the legality of its new planned press regulator according to reports over the weekend.
Credit: Images of Money (Flickr)
By Ilse Bruijn 30 October 7:22
Prime Minister David Cameron was today urged to drop proposed changes to the Freedom of Information Act, in a letter sent to him by newspapers, campaign groups and charities.
By Gavriel Hollander 05 September 10:31
Max Mosley’s attempt to remove all references from Google to a News of the World story about a sadomasochistic sex session has been described as “censorship” by freedom of speech campaigners.
By PA Media Lawyer 03 September 16:35

A convicted rapist who became embroiled in a legal dispute with the Ministry of Justice has lost a fight to keep his name out of media reports.

By Gavriel Hollander 22 August 9:07
Journalists’ right to film and tweet from council meetings is set to be enshrined in new guidelines to be issued by the Government.
By Louise Ashwell 05 August 11:10
The Society of Editors’ annual conference will return to London on November 11 and 12 with the theme 'Freedom to Inform'.
By Gavriel Hollander 09 July 11:07
A Guardian journalist has lost a long-running legal battle against the Attorney General to allow access to letters between the Prince of Wales and government ministers.