Exclusive: Ben Dover is Daily Mail reader

Axegrinder experienced a rare jaw-dropping moment this lunchtime when watching the BBC News Channel. In a rather surrreal encounter, “gonzo” porn film-maker Ben Dover was interviewed live by Jane Hill and Matthew Amroliwala.

Wearing a fetching black t-shirt advertising the Ben Dover Porn Academy and emblazoned with the silhouette of a naked porn star, Mr Dover was asked by the BBC presenters for his reaction to news that the US porn industry was asking Washington for a $5billion bailout.

Jane Hill put it to him that it was unlikely Gordon Brown would come to the rescue of the ailing British porn industry. “You can imagine what the Daily Mail would say if he did that,” commented Hill. Dover agreed with this point, adding with a hint of sadness, “I know …  and I’m a great Daily Mail reader.”

A touching endorsement, which will surely bring a smile to the face of Paul Dacre.

Before ending the interview, Dover managed to slip in a couple of cheeky lines. 

On his decision to diversify away from DVDs as more people sourced their porn via the internet: “A couple of years ago I saw it coming…”

On the economic problem facing film-makers: “The porn industry is on its knees…”

It’s what Lord Reith would have wanted from a rolling news channel.

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