Evening Standard may launch in Moscow

Alexander Lebedev, the new owner of London’s Evening Standard, may launch the paper in Moscow – and run joint English-Russian investigations.

In an interview with The Guardian, Lebedev said: ‘People live different lives. It’s a different culture, different city, so we’re far from each other.

‘On the other side, we do live in a global world, with the media becoming more and more online. With the speed of the news becoming spread, it’s only the media who can interfere…

‘What about, for example, Evening Standard sold in Russia? We have got lots of expatriates living in Moscow.

‘What about common investigations, joining forces with other newspapers?”

Russia already has an English-language paper, The Moscow Times, owned by Dutch-Finnish publishing group Sanoma.

In the interview, Lebedev also raised the possibility of an English-language radio station in Moscow, but ruled out buying The Independent.

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