Evening News doubles up for Norwich celebrations

The Evening News in Norwich printed two completely different editions in one day to celebrate Norwich City’s promotion to the Premiership.

On the day of the club’s victory parade, journalists produced a normal 48-page Monday paper. To coincide with the parade, which drew 50,000 people to the city centre, a second 48-page edition filled entirely with football hit the streets.

The one-off had a print run of 40,000 and was handed out by 40 vendors, who also gave out balloons, flags and posters. The next day, the Evening News brought out a 16-page parade picture special with a poster front.

The club’s promotion to the top flight, secured on 21 April, also made it onto the front pages of East Anglian editions of The Sun and the Daily Mirror.

The Evening News marked the event with a poster wrap-around front, featuring club majority shareholder Delia Smith celebrating with fans, and 15 pages of dedicated news.

Editor David Bourn said: “The hard work by our journalists has paid huge dividends with record sales figures. It is at times like this that a local newspaper is able to demonstrate its closeness to the community.

“It’s all very well the nationals muscling in with so-called souvenir editions, but readers expect in-depth coverage from their evening pap

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