Ellie Levenson

particularly like following columnists and seeing how their thoughts
develop and if I can guess how they will think on certain issues. From
The Guardian sometimes I feel as if David Aaronovitch has got into my
head – he seems to know what I think before I do, on politics anyway.

Younge’s columns and features are also brilliant – he has a really
distinctive style that doesn’t let me put the paper down for a second.
The same goes for all interviews by Simon Hattenstone.

I’ve also
enjoyed following the argument on childcare between Polly Toynbee and
Madeleine Bunting on The Guardian ‘s Comment pages – both write so well
and are women that I admire and I find myself agreeing with whichever
one I’ve read most recently.

For lighter pieces I love reading Deborah Ross in The Independent .

says all the things I wouldn’t dare and I like to think that if we met
we’d be great mates – her column on which Christmas traditions Jewish
people can adopt without feeling guilty cracked me up because it was
all so true. And her article about having Michael Winner round for
dinner was just brilliant.

Recently I’ve discovered the Telegraph
Magazine which comes with the Saturday paper and it’s very good. I
don’t particularly care for the rest of the paper, but the magazine
stays in my house all week for me to dip into when I feel like it.

also like the web and www.salon.com is pretty good – it costs to
subscribe, but you can sometimes get a free day pass by watching an

And I follow a few blogs including Melanie Phillips who
absolutely infuriates me but who I can’t stop reading – I miss it when
she’s on holiday.

Ellie Levenson is a freelance journalist and also teaches journalism at Goldsmiths College.

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