By Dominic Ponsford 27 August 13:25
When Guardian Media Group sold its regional newspaper titles for just over £7m in 2010 it clearly did not believe they had much of a future.
By Dominic Ponsford 28 July 15:05
The shameful way News UK, and more recently Trinity Mirror, have thrown sources to the wolves under Operation Elveden casts a shadow over the reputation of British journalism.
By Dominic Ponsford 24 July 11:17
Japanese publishing giant Nikkei has bet the farm on using the Financial Times to make it become a global business media player.
By Dominic Ponsford 23 July 17:15
A purchase price of 35 times annual profits looks generous for the Financial Times Group.
By Dominic Ponsford 23 July 8:27
Is it me or are ex-editors getting younger these days?
By Dominic Ponsford 22 July 12:27
Few would dispute that the police ability to access telecoms data with relative ease is an effective and necessary crime-fighting tool.
By Dominic Ponsford 14 July 16:52
The BBC’s standard contributor forms assure sources that they will not “stand alone” if they are sued for libel over comments made to reporters.
By Dominic Ponsford 08 July 9:50
The last time Press Gazette did a count the BBC listed more than 200 communications contacts, but none were prepared to answer a simple question on Monday – what was the net impact of the Government raid on the BBC licence fee?
By Dominic Ponsford 07 July 10:23
We were wrong about the internet.
By Dominic Ponsford 06 July 14:08
Six years after The Guardian fired the starting gun on the hacking scandal, the last News of the World journalist convicted of conspiracy to intercept voicemail messages - Jules Stenson - was today sentenced.
By Dominic Ponsford 10 June 12:18
It is based on a survey of 100,000 UK adults conducted between 6 and 18 May and so (given the size of the sample) has to be seen as credible.
By Dominic Ponsford 01 June 11:12
UK news outlets including Mail Online, the Daily Express and the Daily Star were among news organisations around the world foxed into reporting bogus claims that chocolate encourages weight loss.
By Dominic Ponsford 26 May 16:46
It is now clear that hundreds of thousands of pounds has been paid by Sun journalists to a variety of public officials, including policemen, in recent years.
By Dominic Ponsford 21 May 16:54
The Daily Mirror built its circulation to more than 4.5m in the years after the Second World War with a mantra which Hugh Cudlipp described as "publish and be damned".
By Dominic Ponsford 13 May 8:46
Common sense would suggest that the right-wing press helped swing the general election for the Conservatives.
By Dominic Ponsford 11 May 13:01
George Osborne has the opportunity this Parliament to do for the local news industry what Gordon Brown did for brewing.
By Dominic Ponsford 27 April 17:24
Journalists forced to keep silent for years because of the Contempt of Court Act have grasped the opportunity to speak out about their Operation Elveden ordeals.
By Dominic Ponsford 22 April 17:47
In 43 years at The Wall Street Journalist (from 1970) Barry Newman was never an editor or a reporter. As he writes in his book, News to me: “I’m a machine operator. I bang keys to make words.”
By Dominic Ponsford 20 April 17:06
It is difficult to over estimate the damage done by Operation Elveden since it began in June 2011.
By Dominic Ponsford 16 April 16:38
The outcome of the general election could have dramatic consequences for the future of journalism in the UK.