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Today is News-Day: A Day in the Life of British Journalism, tell us what you are doing

Don't forget today is News-Day - Press Gazette's project charting A Day in the Life of British Journalism.

The day runs from 6am today (8 February) until 6am tomorrow. We want to hear from journalists serving British media of all kinds - nationals, regionals, broadcast, B2B, radio, mags - and all around the world.

To participate in A Day in the Life of British Journalism,  please send in reports of what you have got up today to Press Gazette contributing editor John Dale who will be pulling together reports for online and for the print edition of Press Gazette.

Describe your day by emailing

More details about the project here on John Dale's website.

There has been a lot of muck dredged up by Lord Justice Leveson - this is a unique opportunity to provide a 24-hour snapshot of what British journalists really get up to on a day to day basis.


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