Undergraduate degree

What they say about their journalism BA: "Designed for committed would-be journalists, this BA degree course has strong links with television and radio, national newspapers, local newspaper groups and magazine publishers and belongs to a small ‘premier league’ of applied journalism taught in the UK."  The university also offers a foundation degree and BA in sports journalism, a BA in photojournalism, and post-graduate courses in print and broadcast journalism.

What they say about their journalism BA: "This industry kitemark ensures that standards are delivered at the highest level. It also enables opportunities for students to undertake a range of work placements within the broadcasting sector and to compete effectively in the marketplace."

What they say about their broadcasting and journalism BA: "You will develop the ability to communicate effectively via a range of broadcast and digital platforms. You will be encouraged to engage in independent critical thinking and judgement and to use your imagination, creativity, organisation and ability to work to deadlines, in the creation of journalistic items for broadcast/publication on and offline." The university also offers a foundation degree in broadcast journalism as well as photojournalism.

What they say about their journalism BA: "The course is unique in the way it combines elements of magazine journalism and feature writing with television and radio news journalism and the way it does this within an international context and with international journalism always in mind."

What they say about their journalism and mass communication BA: "Overall, our courses aim to give you skills that will make you employable, and to help you develop the kind of creativity and flexibility needed to gain work in the modern media business and creative industries."  Post graduate courses in broadcast, online, and print journalism.



What they say about their broadcast journalism BA: "This course provides the skills and understanding necessary to embark on a career within the broadcasting and web-based journalism industries. It provides an insight into the techniques and technologies of radio, television and online formats as they relate to contemporary journalistic practice. "

What they say about their journalism BA: "This course is delivered by academics who have a wealth of professional experience having worked in a range of media including regional and national newspapers, radio, television and digital production. he degree also has strong input from the sector, with writers and broadcasters from national media outlets such as the BBC, STV, the Herald and Daily Record having previously delivered guest lectures." The university also offers sport journalism.

What they say about their journalism BA: "The Journalism course will give you confidence to work flexibly, creatively and independently, to deal with the public and public figures and to use ideas and information to communicate in written and audio-visual formats."

What they say about their journalism BA: "You can expect to learn all the fundamental and more recent skills of journalism necessary in preparation for this fast-paced world. From traditional practices such as subbing, writing and newsgathering right through to digital production, multimedia and social networks, students will gain an all-encompassing view of the industry to help steer potential areas of specialism or simply have the versatility to undertake many entry-level posts, at least." The university offers journalism courses in fashion, photojournalism, and sports.

What they say about their journalism BA: "Journalism is part of the combined campus subject programme at UU Coleraine. It is the only university degree programme in the subject in Northern Ireland and offers students the opportunity to study the theory and practice of journalism in context with determining factors such as law, economics, politics and technology."  An MA in journalism is also offered by the institution.