By William Turvill and Dominic Ponsford 17 July 12:17
Mail Online (10,912,083 unique users per day, up 35 per cent year on year) and The Guardian website (5,718,502, up 17 per cent) remain the biggest newspaper websites in the UK.
By William Turvill 17 July 9:14
The Independent has launched a new Buzzfeed-style website allowing readers to rank stories to decide how prominently they appear.
By William Turvill 15 July 16:12
Google notified the newspaper through Newsquest’s main office of the removal, which was made on a story about the jailing of three men for an attack on three soldiers in a nightclub.
By William Turvill 15 July 9:11, which has recieved a "small fraction" of Google's take-down requests, is in the process of “developing an appropriate system”, which is expected to launch “soon”.
By William Turvill 15 July 9:04
The title announced yesterday that one year on from its “naming ceremony” and nine months since its launch.
By William Turvill 14 July 12:09
The group today claimed to have passed the 10,000 mark for online subscribers last month, with a growth of 125 per cent year on year.
By William Turvill 14 July 11:01
The podcast, along with the Music Weekly audio show, was axed by The Guardian at the end of May.
By Press Gazette 10 July 8:39
He said the Government was opposing moves to introduce such a rule in negotiations between the 28 member states.
By Dominic Ponsford 09 July 13:23
Mail Online has removed a story about actor George Clooney’s prospective mother-in-law which he said was a dangerous fabrication.
By William Turvill 07 July 11:52
Huffington Post UK founding editor Carla Buzasi is leaving the website after three years to be global chief content officer of Top Right’s WGSN.
By William Turvill 07 July 5:35
Nardelli will start in September and replaces James Ball, who is now special projects editor.
By Dominic Ponsford 03 July 16:23
Just over a year after launch The Guardian claims its Australia edition is on course to turn a profit.
By William Turvill 03 July 9:55
Yahoo is closing its Contributor Network website, resulting in articles by hundreds of writers written over the last two-and-a-half years being deleted from the internet.
By William Turvill and Press Association 03 July 8:29
The corporation's economics editor last night asked why he was being "cast into oblivion" by the search engine after the BBC received an alert saying the 2007 blog about chief executive Stanley O'Neal leaving investment bank Merrill Lynch would not appear in Google searches in Europe.
By Press Gazette 02 July 8:13
Piers Morgan has been named the most influential UK journalist on social media by Press Gazette.
By William Turvill 01 July 16:57
Buzzfeed was launched in the United States in 2006. Last year, it moved into the UK and went to Australia soon afterwards.
By Cleland Thom 30 June 9:42
Web editors know they should remove message boards from crime stories when proceedings are active.
By Press Gazette 25 June 14:30
It left many people bewildered and prompted some to send out messages on Twitter pondering whether the BBC's system had been hacked.
By Dominic Ponsford 25 June 13:08
A survey by Ofcom suggests that the internet and apps are as important a source of news as newspapers.
By Press Gazette 24 June 8:55
Familiar faces from the corporation's news team such as Frank Gardner, Bridget Kendall and Nicholas Witchell will be among those involved in 1914 Live, which will feature specially recorded news reports as well as a live blog.