Defamation and libel

By Press Association and Press Gazette 16 April 11:49
Sitting in the Court of Appeal, Lord Justice Maurice Kay and Lord Justice Laws gave Jonathan Calvert and Heidi Blake permission to appeal Mr Justice Tugendhat's finding.
JK Rowling by Daniel Ogrin (creative commons)
By Dominic Ponsford 16 April 9:25
The paper admitted liability under the “offer of amends” procedure in the Defamation Act. But it has yet to agree what damages to pay Rowling and it has challenged her right to make a unilateral statement in open court about the matter.
Tulisa arriving at Southwark Crown Court (REUTERS)
By William Turvill 14 April 10:18
Pop singer Tulisa Contostavlos is suing The Sun over a story in which she was branded a “home-wrecker” by the former partner of Danny Simpson.
By Dominic Ponsford 19 March 14:08
It has been said that libel reform comes around about as frequently as Halley’s Comet so when it does journalists have got to make sure they make the most of it. The Defamation Act 2013 is now in force and provides sweeping changes to Britain’s much-criticised libel laws. To ensure that media organisations use the legislation to cut their legal costs, and support probing journalism which holds the powerful to account, Press Gazette is hosting a unique conference: Defamation 2014, in central London on 19 June.
By Cleland Thom 14 March 16:28
I saw a court report about a dodgy curry house on a magazine’s website.
Andrew Mitchell (REUTERS)
By Dominic Ponsford 12 February 11:57
A now retired police constable who witnessed the Plebgate altercation between Andrew Mitchell and police outside 10 Downing Street has backed up The Sun’s version of events.
Rory O'Neill, also known as Panti Bliss appearing on RTE's Saturday Night Show (Credit:
By Darren Boyle 05 February 14:09
Irish state broadcaster RTE has blamed the country’s defamation laws over its decision to pay a €85,000 libel settlement to a journalist and a right-wing Catholic think-tank, the Iona Institute.
Michelle Keegan (Credit: Jonathan Ryan Creative Commons)
By Darren Boyle 03 February 12:54
The Daily Mirror has made an offer of amends following a £50,000 libel case brought by Coronation Street star Michelle Keegan over claims she had tweeted endorsements for products in exchange for expensive gifts.
Russell Brand (Credit: Estenh Creative Commons)
By Darren Boyle 31 January 10:49
Russell Brand is suing the Sun on Sunday for libel over claims that he cheated on girlfriend Jemima Khan with a glamour model.
JK Rowling (Credit: Daniel Ogren Creative Commons)
By Darren Boyle 30 January 13:04
Harry Potter author JK Rowling is suing the Daily Mail for libel over a story about her time as a struggling single mother living in Edinburgh.
By Dominic Ponsford 29 January 14:04
Express Newspapers has agreed to pay substantial libel damages and costs to an Afghan asylum seeker who it wrongly accused of being a “Taliban suspect”.
Mike Tindall and Zara Phillips (Credit: Reuters)
By Darren Boyle 28 January 12:08
England rugby star Mike Tindall is seeking £50,000 damages from the Sunday Express after it published a story about his “marriage blip” with Zara Phillips.
Former Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Ian Blair (Credit: Reuters)
By Darren Boyle 24 January 13:03
Associated Newspapers has lost an appeal against a £65,000 libel award made to a friend of former Metropolitan Police deputy commissioner Sir Ian Blair.
By Press Gazette 03 January 9:08

The UK's most senior civil judge has said that new rules brought in at the start of this year will help reduce the cost of defending libel actions.

By Dominic Ponsford 02 January 11:57
The Defamation Act 2013 is now in force and creates big changes to the legal climate for all journalists working in England and Wales.
By Press Gazette 01 January 11:51
The long-awaited Defamation Act 2013 comes into force today bringing sweeping changing to the law of libel. The act introduces a "new serious harm threshold" designed to help people understand when claims should be brought and discourage wasteful use of court time.
By Press Gazette 01 January 11:51

The long-awaited Defamation Act 2013 comes into force today bring sweeping changing to the law of libel.

By PA Media Lawyer 19 December 15:53
A police officer has won £60,000 damages over a claim that there were strong grounds to believe he was dishonest and corrupt.
By Dominic Ponsford 19 December 12:29
Six police officers from the Enfield Crime Squad filmed smashing up a car with baseball bats while arresting a suspect have had their libel claim against Channel 4 News thrown out.
Ian H Watkins (Credit: Ian H Watkins)
By Darren Boyle 19 December 12:01
Pop star Ian H Watkins has received a public apology at the High Court over the mistaken use of his photograph on a celebrity news website reporting the guilty pleas of Lostprophets singer Ian Watkins to serious sexual offences.