Defamation and libel

By PA Mediapoint 25 November 10:08
A police officer who accompanied former Government chief whip Andrew Mitchell on two foreign trips has told the High Court that the MP was "unpleasant until he got what he wanted".
By Dominic Ponsford 21 November 8:18
The Supreme Court has rejected an attempt by Daily Mail publisher Associated Newspapers to appeal in a case in which it was ordered to pay £65,000 in libel damages to a management consultant it alleged had won a contract with the Metropolitan Police through cronyism.
By PA Mediapoint 20 November 17:24
Gillian Weatherley, who was dismissed for gross misconduct in April after a disciplinary panel found her to be a "thoroughly dishonest and incredible witness", was on duty on the Downing Street gates in September 2012 when Mitchell tried to cycle through.
By PA Mediapoint 19 November 14:54
The police officer at the centre of "Plebgate" has denied at the High Court that the words he attributed to former Government chief whip Andrew Mitchell were an "invention". Mitchell's QC, James Price, challenged Pc Toby Rowland that he gave his version of their September 2012 encounter in Downing Street to justify giving the Cabinet minister a warning under the Public Order Act.
By PA Mediapoint 18 November 13:15
Journalists Matthew d'Ancona and Isabel Oakshott are among a number of high-profile individuals to provide character witness statements for Andrew Mitchell in the Plebgate libel trial today.
By PA Mediapoint 17 November 12:17
James Price QC was opening Mitchell's libel action against News Group Newspapers (NGN) over a September 2012 story in The Sun which the MP says meant that he was guilty of launching a grossly offensive and arrogant attack at Downing Street police officers two days earlier, branding them "fucking plebs" and "morons".
By Press Gazette 17 November 8:50
Plebgate reaches the High Court today when a libel judge will investigate the Downing Street encounter between former Government chief whip Andrew Mitchell and Pc Toby Rowland.
By Hardeep Singh and William Turvill 13 November 14:43
A building industry expert has won a £70,000 libel payout over a “cyber bullying” campaign orchestrated against him on Twitter and blogs.
By William Turvill 07 November 8:25
Lawyers for Ellis, who has played characters in EastEnders, Miranda and Life on Mars, told a court yesterday the defamatory allegations made against him were “deeply upsetting”.
By William Turvill 04 November 9:13
The newspaper quickly realised its mistake, changing its first edition headline from "1D HARRY X-RATED SEX PIC SHAME" to "1D HARRY FURY AT FAKED SEX PIC" for its second edition.
By William Turvill 03 November 10:59
Andrew Drummond wrote a blog for Press Gazette this year claiming to be the "most sued journalist in living history", with 20 cases brought against him in a year.
By William Turvill 31 October 16:30
Former chief whip Andrew Mitchell said it should have been “obvious” to The Sun that police officers who leaked the Plebgate story “had a serious axe to grind in wanting to smear a Government Minister”.
By Press Gazette 30 October 13:01
The story, published earlier this week, was about David Ainsworth being jailed for six months for his crimes.
By William Turvill and Press Association 28 October 11:32
Ruth Cooke and Midland Heart had their case against the Sunday Mirror thrown out of court in August by Mr Justice Bean.
By PA Media Lawyer 23 October 12:52
The Revs Tana Riviere and Royston Such, who married in August 1995, were particularly outraged as it was the third time that the newspaper had published the false allegation.
By PA Media Lawyer 21 October 12:58

American showbiz couple Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel (pictured: Reuters) have settled a lawsuit against celeb weekly Heat after suing the title in Dublin over a story which alleged the singer had "got flirty" with another woman in a nightclu

By PA Mediapoint 06 October 17:05
Spanish-born GP Jose Antonio Serrano Garcia, 44, sued over an April 2012 article which appeared in the Daily Mail under the heading: "A whole year of hell, thanks to a foreign doctor".
By William Turvill 03 October 8:43
Gerry McCann (pictured right, Reuters), the father of Madeleine McCann, has claimed “absolutely nothing” has changed in the newspaper industry since the Leveson Report was published nearly two years ago.
By William Turvill 23 September 10:09
Mitchell, Conservative MP for Sutton Coldfield, filed a claim for up to £150,000 last March after The Sun claimed in a September 2012 front page story that he had called police "fucking plebs" after they wouldn't let him wheel his bicycle through the gates of Downing Street.
By William Turvill 19 September 10:33
Kate and Gerry McCann took issue with a front-page Insight story from last year, which the couple said suggested they had kept "secret from investigating authorities a crucial piece of evidence concerning the disappearance of their daughter".