Criminal law

By PA Mediapoint 21 November 10:45
The former News of the World editor and Downing Street communications boss left Hollesley Bay, an open prison in Suffolk, this morning.
By PA Media Lawyer 21 November 7:44

The Court of Appeal has rejected a bid to give young people caught up in legal proceedings, including victims and witnesses, lifelong anonymity.

By Court News UK 20 November 14:25
The freedom of the press is at stake after a Sun reporter was dragged through the courts for “doing her job”, the Old Bailey heard today.
By Court News UK 20 November 14:07
Jamie Pyatt, 51, the newspaper's Thames Valley district reporter, said a succession of sixth form pupils sold him tales of the latest scandal from the private boarding school.
By Court News UK 20 November 10:08
The trial of a reporter accused of paying a government official for stories 'is not about The Sun newspaper as an institution', the Old Bailey heard.
By Court News UK 20 November 9:54
Sun journalist Jamie Pyatt told Kingston Crown Court said Sun reporters routinely fiddled their expenses as compensation for working long hours in a tough environment.
By PA Mediapoint 19 November 17:57
The "Plebgate" row was "just a quirky incident with a gentleman on a bicycle who had the hump", the High Court has heard.
By Court News UK 19 November 14:39

Ronnie Wood's Russian lover sold her story after he burned her with a cigarette, dragged her across the pavement and choked her in the street, the Old Bailey heard.

By PA Mediapoint 19 November 9:14
Government leaks are the "lifeblood" of political journalism in Britain, media commentator Roy Greenslade (pic: The Guardian) told the trial of a Sun reporter today.
By Court News UK 19 November 8:58
Pharo yesterday denied knowing that a Broadmoor healthcare assistant, an alleged contact of reporter Jamie Pyatt, was a public official.
By PA Mediapoint 18 November 14:27
A reporter with the Sun newspaper paid a police officer and a prison officer for stories and kept a stolen phone overnight to check out its contents, a court heard today.
By Court News UK 18 November 14:19
The 40-year-old is accused of arranging payments of £17,475 to senior press officer Jonathan Hall over a period spanning more than three years, in exchange for tips.
By Court News UK 18 November 12:56
Chris Pharo (pictured, Reuters), 45, the head of news, said he did not ask where stories had come from because he was too junior to "police" the newsroom.
By Court News UK 18 November 9:07
Sun head of news Chris Pharo said he was shocked when then Sun editor Rebekah Brooks admitted paying police officers when she appeared before MPs in 2003.
By William Turvill 17 November 14:36
The Guardian’s Readers’ Editor has questioned the paper’s decision to lead an application to the court to be able to name 16-year-old teacher killer Will Cornick.
By Court News UK 17 November 13:28
Chris Pharo, 45, said Brooks, who edited the paper for six years between 2003 and 2009, had the final say on vast amounts of payments made by the tabloid paper.
By PA Mediapoint 14 November 13:15
Six journalists and senior staff at The Sun accused of corrupting public officials have been cleared of an "overarching" conspiracy.
By William Turvill 14 November 11:30
The Met has refused to name the officer who faced allegations in relation to "supplying confidential information to a journalist".
By William Turvill and Court News UK 14 November 8:27
Hartley, 40, is accused of arranging payments of £17,475 to HMRC press officer Jonathan Hall over more than three years in exchange for stories.
By Court News UK 13 November 15:19
Sun Whitehall editor Clodagh Hartley told a court today how a senior colleague told her former editor Dominic Mohan "didn't have the balls" to run a Budget leak story in full.