Criminal law

By William Turvill 27 February 16:20
The Metropolitan Police has said it is "disappointing" that journalists continue to make Freedom of Information requests on the use of the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act against news organisations.
By PA Mediapoint 26 February 8:48
An official at a Serco-run immigration centre justified leaking stories to The Sun by claiming the company turned a "blind eye" to corruption as colleagues drove around in Bentleys and Ferraris, a court heard. Mark Blake is alleged to have conspired, while he was employed as a detention custody officer at Colnbrook secure immigration removal centre, to commit misconduct with Sun journalist Tom Wells.
By PA Mediapoint 24 February 8:46
The former Downing Street director of communications, 47, is accused of committing perjury in the 2010 trial of former MSP Tommy Sheridan.
By PA Mediapoint 23 February 8:44
Duncan Larcombe (pictured, Reuters), 39, is accused over his dealings with Sandhurst instructor John Hardy who was allegedly paid more than £23,700 for providing information on the princes and others on 34 occasions.
By PA Media Lawyer 20 February 8:39
Duncan Larcombe is on trial over his dealings with then Colour Sergeant John Hardy who was allegedly paid more than £23,700 for providing information on the princes and others on 34 occasions.
By Dominic Ponsford 19 February 10:01
The CPS has declined to prosecute the conwoman exposed by a reporter after police upheld a harassment complaint against him.
By PA Media Lawyer 19 February 10:01
Sky News journalist Martin Brunt has been called to give evidence at the inquest next month into the death last October of 63-year-old mother-of-two Brenda Leyland.
By PA Mediapoint 17 February 9:26
The Sun's chief reporter may have boasted of having "top-notch" or "gold-plated" contacts, but he would never have revealed the identity of his military source to bosses, a court heard.
By PA Media Lawyer 16 February 15:16
A former News of the World reporter accused over his dealings with a soldier in Prince Harry's regiment told jurors that Clarence House had the power to "blacklist" him if relations had turned sour.
By Dominic Ponsford 13 February 12:20
Some may still feel that the many tabloid journalists hit by the full force of UK criminal justice in recent years have received their just deserts.
By William Turvill 13 February 11:10
Last Friday, a legal row erupted at the Old Bailey after the “secret decision” was made by “elders and betters” to appoint Judge Charles Wide to the case in place of Judge Richard Marks QC.
By Press Gazette 13 February 10:13
Trinity Mirror has publicly apologised for phone-hacking and said civil claims will cost the company millions more than first thought.
By Dominic Ponsford 11 February 9:55
An MP has questioned why the Crown Prosecution Service is spending millions on a retrial of Sun journalists “when there is clearly no realistic prospect of prosecution”.
By Dominic Ponsford 11 February 6:51
The Liberal Democrats have tabled a new Save Our Sources law which is set to be put to a vote in the House of Commons on 23 February.
By PA Mediapoint 10 February 14:17
The Sun's chief reporter cultivated a confidential source at the Ministry of Defence because "paranoia" and fear of "embarrassment" was getting in the way of stories in the public interest coming out, a court heard.
By Dominic Ponsford 09 February 11:18
A police and crime commissioner has described the Metropolitan Police’s four-year £33m investigation into journalists as “utter nonsense” and declared that it is time to stop the “witch hunt”.
By PA Mediapoint 09 February 9:54
A former Government press officer who admitting leaking details of the 2010 budget to the Sun before the Chancellor could deliver it to MPs has avoided jail.
By Emilio Casalicchio and Press Association 06 February 16:40
The Sun royal photographer Arthur Edwards told his Old Bailey trial that the two-time British Press Awards Reporter of the Year was on a "pedestal" in the industry.
By Dominic Ponsford 05 February 17:26
Police have refused to rescind a harassment notice issued against a reporter who sent two emails and then door-stepped a woman who had conned readers out of thousands of pounds.
By PA Mediapoint 05 February 16:00
Anthony France, 41, appeared before the Old Bailey where he pleaded not guilty to aiding and abetting Pc Timothy Edwards to commit misconduct in a public office between 31 March 2008 and 1 July 2011.