Court lifts gag order at end of al-Qaeda trial

Reporting restrictions going back more than a year were finally
lifted on Wednesday allowing newspapers to publish details of Britain’s
first “al- Qaeda” terror trial.

Kamel Bourgass, 31, was jailed in June 2004 for stabbing to death Detective Constable Stephen Oake in Manchester.

press were banned from reporting details of his trial in case it
prejudiced that of four other men accused with him of conspiring to
produce the poison ricin as part of a terrorist campaign.

reporting restrictions were lifted after a jury cleared Bourgas’
alleged coconspirators of conspiracy to commit murder and conspiracy to
cause a public nuisance.

The Manchester Evening News is among the newspapers to have been following the trials in detail.

held back delivery vans to publish a special edition at 4.03pm on
Wednesday and was planning to publish an extensive special edition the
following day.

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