Coronation Street actor arrested on drug charges

A Coronation Street actor who was alleged by The Daily Mirror to have taken crack cocaine has been arrested on suspicion of possessing class A drugs.

Craig Charles, fomer star of popular sci-fi show Red Dwarf and cult game show Robot Wars, was the subject of a Mirror splash in June that claimed Charles had smoked the drug and read pornographic magazines on a car journey from London to Manchester.

The actor stopped his BBC Six Music show after the initial story pending an attempt at rehabilitation. A BBC Six spokeswoman said they would be looking at the situation again following his arrest. He was also suspended from his acting job on Coronation Street following the allegations. The Mirror also passed on a dossier of its evidence to police.

The story was the latest in a series of scoops for Stephen Moyes who won Scoop of The Year at this year's British Press Awards for his "Cocaine Kate" story about model Kate Moss' alleged cocaine use and who also broke the story of John Prescott's affair with his secretary Tracey Temple in April.

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