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Using cheap tablets to sell newspapers and five other must-reads

The Digital half dozen.


1. How News Corp's Times will use cheap tablets to sell content (PaidContent)

iPad bundling proved too expensive but not Google's Nexus 7.

2. Tablets Will Surge Beyond Projections, IDC Says (ReadWrite)

...and a reminder why tablets really do matter.

3. The user experience of news (Martin Belam)

“As a user, I want to know what the world’s talking about today.” When re-designing your site think use case. 

4. Subcompact Publishing (Craig Mod)

A digital publishing manifesto: small issue sizes, small file sizes, fluid publishing schedules and reasonable subscription prices.

5. Paywall 2.0: why focusing on customers is the only way to win (The Guardian)

What if you want your daily newspaper on your iPad from Monday to Friday, but delivered to your door at the weekend?

6. Why mobile and desktop products need intelligent, responsive design to keep readers interested (The Media Briefing)

The average time taken to complete reading a story on a tablet is 98.3 seconds.



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