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Sir Ray Tindle to award bonuses totalling £250,000 to all newspaper staff

Sir Ray Tindle has  announced he will be awarding a bonus to each of his newspaper staff members.

Every one of his full-time employees will receive a lump sum of between £125 and £400, depending on the individual profits of each Tindle centre.

The company, one of the biggest regional publishers in the country, says the total cost will be close to £250,000.

Sir Ray said: “We believe that most of our local community papers around the country, though substantially affected by this recession, are performing better than the average and are providing sufficient profits to keep others going.”

Tindle Newspapers has opened 17 local titles since the recession began and the company is confident each will “produce new revenue to help offset the loss from situations vacant and national advertising”.

Staff will be informed of their individual bonuses in letters sent to them from Sir Ray.



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