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New York Times tablet plans and five other must-reads

The Digital half dozen.


1. New York Times’ HTML5 App for iPad Is No Substitute for Native (Mahsable)

The New York Times has began dabbling with an FT-style web app that would work across all mobile and desktop platforms. An iPad app killer? No yet, says  Lauren Indvik.

2. How grew a podcast audience of 20K in two years (

Podcasting dos and don'ts: Number 3: don't over spend.

3. 'The Economist' Sets Digital Rate Base (Ad Week)

"Having separate rate bases for print and digital is just what some media buyers want. They don’t want to be charged for digital copies they’re not buying, and they object to the practice by some publishers of folding digital circulation into print circ."

4. PR and news boundaries are being redrawn (FT) (£)

"PR Newswire has started to rethink press releases as multimedia content that – partly because many news businesses are struggling – can feed hungry blogs, news outlets and social media sites."

5. Where Did All The Email Sharing Go? (BuzzFeed)

Email used to be a key means of sharing stories online and a major source of traffic for news websites. Not any longer, discovers BuzzFeed.

6. O Mother, where art thou? (New Statesman)

American bimonthly title Mother Jones shows that public-service journalism isn't dying, writes Helen Lewis.




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