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Journalists strike against censorship in China

Journalists at a major Chinese newspaper have gone on strike in protest against censorship.

Staff at the Southern Weekly are calling for a provincial propaganda chief to step down after a New Year front page calling for reform was changed.

The message, which called for guaranteed constitutional rights, was reportedly changed by censors to praise the Communist Party.

A statement on the newspaper’s official microblog last night described these "online rumours" as "false".

According to the BBC, two open letters have been signed by 85 staff members demanding that Tuo Zhen step down from his position, describing him as “dictatorial”

Supporters have now reportedly gathered outside its office, with one banner reading: "We want press freedom, constitutionalism and democracy".

According to the South Morning Post, this is the first time in more than 20 years that an open strike by editorial staff at a “major” newspaper has been openly staged against censorship.




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