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How The Economist does audio and five other must-reads

The Digital half dozen.

1. Listening in at the Economist (

How audio editions and podcasts are created.

2. How 'Wired' is pointing the way to the future of publishing (The Independent)

Ian Burrell on the monthly tech title reinventing itself.

3. Online paid-content market poses threat to traditional advertising (The Guardian)

A false dichotomy, surely. Paid media, from Sky television to the Daily Telegraph, has always been ad-supported. 

4. The very long tail -- how magazines could make their archives sing (PaidContent)

The challenge? To turn a digital archive into more than an "historical curiosity", into something that has "everlasting relevance, and an ongoing reader payment relationship like cable TV enjoys".

5. Can magazines really compete as online retailers? (Flashes & Flames)

Hearst and the ecommerce challenge. 

6. Upworthy has a recipe for chocolate-covered news broccoli that actually tastes delicious (Nieman Journalism Lab)

Or why one online news organisation comes up with 25 different headlines for each story.




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