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Google eats the newspaper industry and five other must-reads

The Digital half dozen.

1. Google Has Officially Eaten the Newspaper Industry (Slate)

Newspapers proved willing to play along with Google for want of a better idea, writes Will Oremus.

2. A watershed moment for Twitter and the law (Independent)

After McAlpine and Newsnight a key question, says the Indy, is whether Twitter is "analogous to the letters pages of a newspaper, say, or to a conduit such as the telephone network. Free speech concerns must surely render the latter a more apt parallel."

3. Magazines on tablets: publishers' painful lessons (On Man and His Blog)

"The results are, at best, OK at the moment," writes Adam Tinworth

4. Q&A: Tumblr editor Jessica Bennett on new platforms for news and the rise of the GIF (Nieman Journalism Labs)

Tumblr is a media company in the same way Facebook and Twitter are — they offer a venue for people, as well as publishers, to share content.

5. Many journalists can't provide the value-added journalism that is needed today (The Media Business)

Most journalists "cover news in a fairly formulaic way, reformatting information released by others," argues Robert Picard when, online, they must start "adding value".

6. How Much Would You Pay to Never See an Online Ad Again? (The Atlantic)

How about $120?




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