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British Vogue celebrates 1m Twitter followers

British Vogue now has more than 1m Twitter followers, making it one of the UK’s most followed publications.

According to Vogue, the account has been boosted by more than 250,000 new followers since the relaunch of its website in September 2012.

Vogue becomes only the second UK magazine – after The Economist – to break the 1m mark, according to Press Gazette research.

And although The Economist has more than 2.7m followers, and is a UK title originally, it serves a worldwide readership.

At last count, Vogue had a circulation of 205,033 in the UK, down 2.7 per cent year on year.

In October, Press Gazette found that British Vogue had the 14th highest number of Facebook likes of any British publication. At the time it had around 830,000 Twitter followers.



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