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ABC to combine magazine print and digital circulation figures with redesigned certificate

ABC is changing the way it reports the circulation of consumer magazines by combining print and digital figures.

Also, in future, magazines will report monthly figures when the ABC report comes out twice a year.

New ABC certificates will show the number of magazines actively purchased as well as those sold in bundled subscriptions.

The first of the new style certificates will be released on 13 February when the July to December 2013 figures will be published.

Jerry Wright, chief executive of ABC, said: “ABC is constantly innovating to meet the needs of the entire media industry. It is this widespread buy-in that makes the ABC ‘stamp of trust’ so powerful. As a result, all sides of the industry recognise the value of reporting standards agreed through consensus by all. As the prominence of new platforms increases, ABC remains committed to delivering industry-owned media brand certification across multiple channels.”




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