By Cleland Thom 11 May 19:39
Media websites’ legal protection for user-generated content on message boards could be under threat.
By Cleland Thom 08 April 11:10
The Court of Appeal banned the media from carrying reports of a murder trial on their Facebook pages.
By Cleland Thom 10 February 15:59
Few things are more likely to raise the eyebrows of a judge or a magistrate than the sight of someone taking notes in their courtroom.
By Cleland Thom 13 January 10:34
I think most people would agree that The Sun’s front page story about the arrest of Arthur Winston-Kent for an alleged triple murder stood a chance of prejudicing his trial!
By Cleland Thom 10 September 2:55
Google has been hit with a 'remove or else' order by the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) over links to stories in some online media archives.
By Cleland Thom 06 September 9:55
Young offenders and accused aged 16 and 17 can no longer be identified in Scottish criminal cases.
By Cleland Thom 21 July 11:22
Websites that do not provide adequate cookie consent forms are unlikely to get more than a warning, following a change in approach by the Information Commissioner.
By Cleland Thom 16 July 13:08
New legislation that makes posting revenge porn a criminal offence may cause an ethical dilemma for editors.
By Cleland Thom 13 July 18:04
The news that a Mail on Sunday reporter was questioned about criminal voyeurism after investigating a story shows that the police will use any law to harass journalists.
By Cleland Thom 09 July 13:53
It's unusual for a court to rule in favour of using the photograph of a teenager. So the Supreme Court's recent decision in the case involving the Derry Journal is welcome.
By Cleland Thom 05 July 19:09
The media's freedom to publish unmoderated comments from readers on internet message boards is facing a new threat from the European Commission.
By Cleland Thom 24 June 21:45
The Government's plans to introduce a UK Bill of Rights has received a mixed reception. But if the proposed legislation included the guaranteed freedom of the press, I'd be all for it.
By Cleland Thom 22 June 15:29
Online news providers could be liable for unlawful user comments on their message boards, following a surprising decision by the European Court of Human Rights last week.
By Cleland Thom 17 June 16:56
Some good news for photographers - a new ruling means they can sue for copyright breaches in the UK courts, even when their images have been used in another EU country.
By Cleland Thom 12 June 14:23
Many people have compared the stabbing of a teacher in front of his class in Bradford with the murder of Ann Maguire just over a year ago. The circumstances were similar, and the schools were not far apart.
By Cleland Thom 11 June 17:31
Libel is an unpredictable area. And that's certainly the case with the new Defamation Act 2013.
By Cleland Thom 09 June 11:32
Journalists covering court cases will find it harder to get basic information, if an influential committee gets its way.
By Cleland Thom 14 May 17:20
The section 39 order, which has been used to prevent the media from identifying under-18s in adult court cases, has now been replaced in criminal courts.
By Cleland Thom 18 April 12:01
Tom Wall's legal victory over the Ministry of Justice and the Information Commissioner is as worrying as it is remarkable.
By Cleland Thom 16 April 23:26
Media websites would do well to heed a recent decision by the Northern Ireland high court about the way Facebook responded to a take-down request.