“Bruised” Martha Kearney paid “heavy price” for Tory pants question

Newsnight political editor Martha Kearney has admitted she was
"bruised" to be beaten to the job of BBC political editor by Nick
Robinson last year.

She said: "Disgruntled isn't the right word. I think I was a bit bruised because it had been so public.

"But although I moaned about it, it did make me realise that I'd had a tiny amount of what politicians get the whole time."

to The Guardian, Kearney, 48, also said that she "paid a very heavy
price" for asking Tory leadership contenders David Cameron and David
Davis what sort of pants they wore in a Woman's Hour interview.

She said: "I got male MPs coming up to me all the time telling me what underwear they were wearing."

about Andrew Marr's success as former BBC political editor, she said:
"You just need one clever, funny, engaging person, and the audience are


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