British Journalism Awards 2012 showcase: Investigation of the Year finalists

Investigation of the year was the most popular category at the 2012 British Journalism Awards with more than 40 entries.

The judges were particularly impressed with the quality of work on display and so opted for a longer eight-strong shortlist.

Winners: Alexi Mostrous and Fay Schlesinger (The Times)

Weeks of planning led to Mostrous and Schlesinger’s covert recording operations which exposed the tax avoidance techniques of the rich and famous.

Their first investigation titled The tax avoiders detailed how the biggest beneficiary of the K2 tax scheme was comedian Jimmy Carr.

Taxman v. Take That exposed a music investment scheme used by the members of pop group Take That.

Screenplay: how movie millions are moved off shore explained how wealthy City investors are secretly moving tens of millions of pounds offshore using tax efficient film finance schemes.

Judges said: “This was an investigation which was clearly both interesting to the public and in the public interest. A brave and determined investigation which  exposed high profile rich figures who were effectively stealing from the poor.”


Andrew Norfolk (The Times)

Conspiracy of silence on UK sex gangs

Channel 4 News

Doctors still working despite being restricted or banned

Chris Woods (The Bureau of Investigative Journalism)

Wood’s work on the covert drone war revealed that the CIA’s drone campaign in Pakistan had  killed dozens of civilians who had gone to help rescue victims or were attending funerals. 

Jon Austin (Basildon Echo)  

Austin's investigations were published in the run up to the travellers' eviction from Dale Farm. He discovered links between residents and an Irish landlord and revealed that the state was funding many of the travellers through housing benefits. 

Give us £6 million and we'll go exposed how Dale Farm leader Richard Sheridan was asking for £6million to go quietly in a series of secret talks with the council leader.

You pay for 25 families living on Dale Farm illegal site revealed that re than half of the occupants were being paid to live there through housing benefits.

Paul Lewis and Rob Evans (Guardian News and Media)

Police accused of allowing undercover officers to lie in court

Undercover police had children with activists

Police spy tricked lover with activist 'cover story'

Leigh Marles (The Wirral Globe

After a series of interviews with a whistleblower, Marles exposed the abuse, overcharging and malpractice carried out against vulnerable people in the care of Wirral Council's Department of Adult Social Services. He wrote a series of articles about this, including:

Council shockwave: damning report says "corrosive" culture must change

Let’s have justice for martin and tax paye

Demand for sackings follows review that has shamed Wirral Council 

Nina Lakhani and Andrew Buncombe (The Independent)

Lakhani and Buncombe’s work exposed western pharmaceutical companies have seized on India as a testing ground for drugs, capitalising on their loose regulations.  

Without consent: how drugs companies exploit Indian 'guinea pigs'

From tragedy to travesty: Drugs tested on survivors of Bhopal

Delhi to examine 'weak regulation' of clinical trials





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