Bono praises media for Aids coverage

U2 frontman Bono thanked the media for the coverage of issues he had espoused, notably debt cancellation in Africa and the Aids crisis.

He said a rock star championing causes such as Aids was an awkward story, with the image of a “rich, spoilt-rotten rock star with a starving child begging for his life”.

Bono appealed to those who run the world’s newspapers to devote more space and resources to the Aids issue and Third World debt, citing CNN founder Ted Turner as saying the media should not just report facts but also propose solutions.

Of the war on terror the singer said it was bound up with poverty and the best way to deal with potential terrorism was to devote money to impoverished regions of Africa and elsewhere. “Peace is expensive but war is even more expensive,” he said.

Des Cryan

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