Blair holiday ban lifted: they are in Barbados

Dominic Ponsford
Downing Street has
lifted the lid on one of the worst kept secrets in Britain by ending
the media ban on revealing the Blairs’ holiday destination.
Prime Minister and his family have been relaxing in Barbados for the
last two weeks. Although a quick google news search would reveal this
by looking at foreign publications – the British media have all abided
by an unusual request from Downing Street not to reveal  it.
last night Downing Street wrote to editors again telling them that it
was now okay to say that the Blairs were in Barbados but asking them
not to reveal their exact movements.
loosening of the ban has come about because yesterday
Blair attended a service for members of the Barbados Legion to mark the 60th anniversary of the ending of World War Two.
A Downing Street spokesman said: “As the Prime
Minister was attending a public event it was decided that the location
of his holiday can be reported. We are grateful for people’s
The request to editors to
keep the Blair holiday a secret was not a legally binding one and was
made on the advice of the head of the Prime Minister’s protection team.
UK media have been kept well supplied with pictures from the Blair
break by news agency Splash which has been following the family around
closely since they landed in Barbados. It has been careful not to
breach the PCC code by only picturing the Blairs in public. British
newspaper editors have also abided by a Downing Street request not to
use pictures of the Blair children.
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