Big silence from pap agency which went bust last week owing freelances and staff thousands

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A week after news agency Big Pictures went bust its administrators RSM Tenon are remaining silent about the future of the company.

In response to press inquiries they will only confirm that the company went into administration on 27 September.

The London-based agency, once one of the biggest celebrity photo agencies in the world, has had cash-flow problems for some weeks.

Press Gazette understands that last week 21 staff were made redundant left owing wages for the month of September.

Well-placed sources believe that founder of Big Pictures Darryn Lyons and former chief executive Nigel Regan are involved in a company which has already bought the assets of Big Pictures. Four members of staff are understood to have gone with the new company which is believed to be trading out of offices in St John's Lane, nearby Big Pictures’ current offices in Clerkenwell, London.

The administrators do not appear to be advertising Big Pictures as a going concern.

Two freelance photographers owed money by Big Pictures – Charlie Pycraft and John Gordon – say they have contacted the police in a bid to get negatives and digital copies of their work returned.

When Press Gazette contacted administrators RSM Tenon we were told that they could only confirm that they were appointed on 27 September but were unable to answer any questions.


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  1. Someone needs to look on IDS image data services and see if they are still offering images for licence, the value of Big Pictures is it’s IDS database and licensing agreements, if they are offering old big pictures images, photographers may want to consider sending them a stop notice given that they did not pay the last lot.

  2. Thank god I switched to WENN 18 months ago, still have loads of images on the Big Pictures website, even though they removed my account when I switched, I guess they didn’t like my letter of complaint on how badly they were selecting and cropping images of mine. Just hope that if the image libray is sold as a going concern I will get monies from sales in the future, hope that Aussie isn’t able to buy the archive!! Can’t grumble too much, did a few £150 shifts for them, one set did quite well. They forgot I did it as a shift and idiots paid me over £1000 ontop of the shift rate. Ha Ha Ha

  3.  Apart from the ghastly taste in that home, this cockatoo haired fantasist is back permanently where he belongs in Bendigo Victoria where the local natives still think he’s a celebrity. It was all on tick, the house , the cars yet any number of freelance snappers fell for yet another Aussie spinning dreams of wealth.Good riddance

  4. That’s lucky and as long as it was over 6 years ago the administrators can’t check the records and come after you for the over payment

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