BBC recruits journalists for new US-facing online news effort

The BBC is creating a specifically US-focused news website.

Reuters reports that the BBC has recruited journalists to bulk up across the board US news coverage and that it has an advertising partner, HP.

Reuters reports:

Miranda Cresswell, senior vice president of, said in a statement: “You’re going to see more analysis, more insight and more perspective that connects the dots on events and issues that affect us all in the U.S.”

Such an approach will undoubtedly see the BBC compete more directly with US newspapers and broadcasters for local and regional stories. Until now, most of BBC’s U.S. coverage has focused on major national stories, usually with an international impact.

This also means that the BBC’s US site will be competing for advertising dollars with the Web operations of commercial newspapers and broadcasters who do not have any other source of revenue.

The BBC has just unveiled a major redesign of its UK news website.

The international version of the BBC website,, is run by BBC Worldwide. Despite attracting 54 million unique users a month, made an annual loss of £13m last year according to the BBC Worldwide annual report.

Mail Online has also recruited journalists for a major online push into the USA.

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