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Headline of the week

Sculptor’s swan vista is matchless

Hertfordshire Mercury story was about a sculpture of a swan being
chosen by the public as the winner of a contest to find a suitable
landmark for the centre of a drab town square in Ware. The headline was
written by sub-editor Bruce Williams and nominated by editor Paul

Roome with a view!

East Neuk edition of the East Fife Mail carried a splash on Scottish
Water’s application to pump raw sewage into Roome Bay, a coastal beauty
spot in the East Neuk area of Fife, Scotland. Reporter James Campbell
came up with the headline and editor Iain Muirhead nominated it.

Conman jailed in glasses case

businessman fleeced credit card users out of £135,000 in a scam
operated from his Morecambe optical firm, For Your Eyes Only. The
Lancaster Guardian ran the story with this headline, written by
production editor Mike Gardner and nominated by sub-editor Alan Butler.


Cock-up of the week

the Macclesfield Express, which rather helpfully gave readers the maps
of various towns in the borough on a story about the council web site.

Presumably the sub who labelled the map of Knutsford must think that the place is full of them…


Party of the week

Fleet Street’s Cheshire Cheese pub was packed to the rafters for the 60th anniversary of the Ferrari news agency.

the graduates of the Kent-based agency at the bash were two national
newspaper editors – Kelvin MacKenzie and Richard Stott – as well as
Sky’s Martin Brunt and Central’s Dan Barton.

The party also had
its own Walter Wolfgang-style heckler in the shape of Nick Ferrari. As
former Ferrari boss Geoff Garvey was making a speech reminiscing about
the joys of filing from telephone boxes and getting 22 stories in one
edition of the London Evening News, Ferrari shouted out: “Are you
getting paid by the word, Geoff?” Luckily there were no Labour Party
heavies on hand to eject Ferrari

Cunning stunt of the week

Future Publishing md Robert Price took an early bath last Thursday
in a fundraising event for Breast Cancer Care at Future’s Bath offices.

With more than 1,300 votes cast by staff, Price took 205 votes –
mainly thanks to vote-rigging by fellow senior managers on a scale that
would have made an American politician proud.

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