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Greenslade misfires with attack on Sun coverage over axing of sexist Sky Sports duo

Guardian media commentator Roy Greenslade gave it to The Sun with both barrels this morning  over its "failure" to run the news that Sky sports pundits Richard Keys and Andy Gray had been axed in a row over off-air sexist comments.

"...the editor, Dominic Mohan, got it hopelessly wrong. By ignoring the story, he tends to prove the theory that Murdoch's papers dance to Murdoch's tune."

Axegrinder understands that there was much hilarity at Wapping and perplexed hacks speculated that Roy might have been reading an Irish edition of The Sun which was missing the Sky Sports tale. Sun readers will know that the story was in fact splashed across pages one, four and five of today's paper.

Roy's misfiring blog post disappeared shortly after the mishap was pointed out. But it has not disappeared from the internet completely, you can see a version of it here.

UPDATE: Roy has now published a fulsome mea culpa on his blog apologising unreservedly to Sun editor Mohan for the mishap.


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