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Jordan retweets Dan Wootton HIV jibe

Press Gazette's recent survey of showbiz journalists revealed that glamour model Jordon has not exactly endeared herself to Fleet Street's finest - and Axegrinder can see why.

When Press Gazette magazine asked showbiz journalists to name their least favourite celebrity, Jordan (Katie Price), topped the list.

Now word reaches me that she has sparked controversy by repeating a message on Twitter that the she used her Twitter site to retweet a fan's suggestion that she should "start writing" that News of The World showbiz journalist Dan Wootton "has HIV" and that the Daily Star's Gemma Wheatley "has crabs".

"They make up #!@%*# so y cant u? (sic)" the original message read.

The timing of the message, on World Aids Day, could have been better.

Price has apparently since deleted the message, while the original poster of the message has deleted their entire account.


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