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Axegrinder: Boris Johnson likens Paul Dacre to the Boston Strangler and PCC to tapioca

London mayor and Daily Telegraph columnist Boris Johnson likened Daily Mail editor Paul Dacre to the Boston Stangler when he delivered a typically tongue-in-cheek speech at the University of Westminster on Wednesday night.

Johnson, who Axegrinder suspects won't be swapping his Telegraph column for a Daily Mail one any time soon, said: 'They [the Press] are regulated by a Press Complaints Commission whose luminaries include the editor of the Daily Mail. I'm sure that he is a fine fellow in many ways but I think it's a bit like putting the regulation of door-to-door salesmen in the hands of Boston Strangler."

Dacre, is not - it must be said - widely known for his sense humour, but Johnston added: "I'm sure he'll take that remark in the spirit it was made."

Asked in a later Q&A session if he thought the PCC needed strengthening, Johnson said that he had no idea. 'I doubt it very much…you might as well strengthen tapioca,'he added.


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