Axegrinder: Now freelances are getting in on the work experience racket


Freelance journalist Tiffany Wright is advertising for an unpaid intern to work for her for at least six weeks with duties listed as:

  • Coming up with features ideas for women’s magazines scouring newspapers and online every day for great potential real life features and then chasing these stories;
  • Liaising with case studies and interviewing;
  • Contacting Prs/charities/television contacts in order to secure exclusive real life stories;
  • Writing teasers to send out to magazines;
  • Networking (this includes going to functions, parties etc);
  • General admin duties.

Whatever next? Will the workies soon be advertising for workies to do work experience for them?

Thinking about it – Axegrinder could do with some help with filing, regrouting his bathroom, ironing his shirts and, er,  networking. Anyone interested in getting some experience in the meeja please apply via email.

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