By Axegrinder 08 April 14:46
In part 274 of Axegrinder's ongoing series about how the internet is sending journalism to hell in a handcart we look at one of Mail Online's top news stories of the moment.
By Axegrinder 18 March 11:59
A story is not old until it is told as they say.
By Axegrinder 22 February 13:54
The latest rumour doing the rounds at Guardian News and Media is that a seven-day Guardian could replace The Observer in print.
By Axegrinder 19 February 12:29
The jig could be up for the various star name BBC journalists who have been filling their pockets with cash from extra-curricular appearances.
By Axegrinder 19 February 9:24
Axegrinder had to admire the chutzpah of Hufffington Post editor-in-chief Stephen Hull who has a novel justification for the fact that his site is largely based on content from an army of 13,000 unpaid bloggers.
By Axegrinder 10 February 16:09
Axegrinder hasn't given it much thought.
By Axegrinder 12 January 9:17
A Mayfair-based businessman in his 80s is marrying for a fourth time – to Rolling Stone Mick Jagger’s former super model ex-wife.
By Dominic Ponsford 07 January 15:06
Journalists covering the Croydon employment tribunal appearance of former Chelsea football club doctor Eva Carneiro were less than impressed by this sign on the waiting room door.
By Axegrinder 24 December 7:20

Wondering why the 'Daiy Mirror' has spelt its own name wrong in the paper's masthead today?

The music video below, featuring 'Big Cheese' Lloyd Embley and other editorial staff, explains - sort of.

By Axegrinder 19 November 9:38
The Daily Mirror seems to be resorting to making its journalists sell burgers in order to turn a buck.
By Axegrinder 19 November 9:31
Axegrinder was pleased to see Evening Standard and Independent owner Evgeny Lebedev enjoy some decent media coverage outside of his own newspapers yesterday.
By Axegrinder 13 October 11:28
As tenous local news connections go, the Wandsworth Guardian's coverage of a large traffic jam in China is hard to beat.
By Axegrinder 08 October 16:38
Axegrinder thought he was as likely to read the words 'Newsquest wins Investors in People Award' as to see the headline 'Vlad the Impaler Given Posthumous Nobel Prize'.
By Axegrinder 30 September 16:36
Readers of Press Gazette will know we have an interest in keeping tabs on the size of the BBC's PR operation: see here and here.
By Axegrinder 15 September 9:11
Ping. The results of the "Your Say 2015" Trinity Mirror employee survey are in.
By Axegrinder 30 July 13:29

Axegrinder would like to issue an apology on behalf of Press Gazette to The Spectator staff whose lie-ins have been ruined.

By Axegrinder 23 July 9:21
An internal BBC survey found last year that one of the major gripes of staff was what has been called a “cappuccino” hiring policy.
By Axegrinder 01 July 9:56
The Guardian, like Times and Sun publisher News UK, is offering sixth formers the chance to spend a week of their summer holidays at its offices by taking part in summer school.
By Axegrinder 22 June 8:38
The Evening Standard's home affairs editor is set to return to work next week after it emerged that he struck a colleague.
By Axegrinder 15 June 10:16
Axegrinder's favourite upheld complaint in today's Ofcom bulletin comes from Mustard TV's Mustard Show.