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By Axegrinder 17 March 10:35
Axegrinder shudders to think what ‘disgusted of Tunbridge Wells’ makes of the latest online traffic-chasing wheeze on the website of the Kent and Sussex Courier.
By Axegrinder 11 March 14:40
The Guido Fawkes website has apparently taken a leaf out of the Telegraph's book and given its staff highfalutin titles.
By Axegrinder 03 March 11:30
Londoners must be grateful to have the Evening Standard these days so they can keep tabs on the comings and goings of Evgeny Lebedev.
By Axegrinder 26 February 10:01
Journalists at Local World are scratching their heads over the latest wheeze from an editor chasing online page views.
By Axegrinder 10 February 10:14
Polly Toynbee today urged readers of The Guardian to do their bit to help keep the “precarious” paper on the road.
By Axegrinder 09 February 9:09
The end when it came would not have been a surprise to her, but why has The Sun quietly dropped Mystic Meg after decades of service?
By Axegrinder 22 December 13:07
Axegrinder was amused by this tweet from The Guardian's web news editor Jonathan Haynes today. That is all.
By Axegrinder 16 December 9:01
Labour leader Ed Miliband has asked colleagues to stop leaking stories to The Mail on Sunday, according to yesterday's Black Dog diary in the paper.
By Axegrinder 15 December 15:47
The Catholic church is not the most transparent of organisations but even it will reveal how a Pope is chosen (although what happens inside the the Sistine Chapel remains secret).
By Axegrinder 28 November 8:37
The Sun's editorial today spoke of "pride" after Andrew Mitchell lost his Plebgate libel case against the newspaper yesterday. But not all staff appear to be toeing the same line.
By Axegrinder 24 November 14:11
Unveiled last week, the UKIP Goggles extension changes the words Euro, France and Scotland to Funny money, Frogs and Colony respectively when web browsing on Google Chrome.
By Axegrinder 17 November 13:08
With Telegraph Media Group currently decimating its editorial workforce the pubs around Victoria are doing a brisk trade in leaving drinks.
By Axegrinder 15 October 14:15
Boris Johnson walked off camera during a BBC interview this afternoon, leaving the presenter calling out his name on live television.
By Axegrinder 16 September 15:52
Being as impartial as the BBC, Axegrinder hasn't - and won't - be giving his opinion on The Guardian's new membership scheme - in which ‘patrons’, for £60 a month, can enjoy a “backstage pass” to the paper.
By Axegrinder 08 September 11:51
The Manchester Evening News's drive for more data journalism has caused the newspaper to puts its foot in it.
By Axegrinder 04 September 9:07
Axegrinder has until now chosen to keep his oar out of the row over GQ - the trendy men's monthly - naming former PM Tony Blair philanthropist of the year at its Men of the Year awards this week.
By Axegrinder 03 September 16:02
Axegrinder was surprised this morning to find the Midweek Sport providing readers with a seemingly criminal offering.
By Axegrinder 29 August 9:47
Mail Online has begun carrying sponsored content from the Government on its homepage – and is using its own journalists to write it.
By Axegrinder 07 August 12:09
Boris Johnson’s announcement of his intentions to become an MP next year made it on to the front pages of every national newspaper bar one - the Daily Mirror - today.
By Axegrinder 16 July 9:59
Imagine the following scenario: a tabloid journalist is interviewed by police in relation to a suspected crime.