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By Axegrinder 29 August 9:47
Mail Online has begun carrying sponsored content from the Government on its homepage – and is using its own journalists to write it.
By Axegrinder 07 August 12:09
Boris Johnson’s announcement of his intentions to become an MP next year made it on to the front pages of every national newspaper bar one - the Daily Mirror - today.
By Axegrinder 16 July 9:59
Imagine the following scenario: a tabloid journalist is interviewed by police in relation to a suspected crime.
By Axegrinder 10 July 15:39
As a former freelance tech writer Michael Cross is used to being offered freebies. But he raised his eyebrows at this invite to attend a retail promotional event for journalists:
By Axegrinder 09 July 10:45
Lord Prescott wrote to the paper after he judged a Polly Toynbee comment piece about his “colleague and good friend Dennis Skinner” to be “unfair” and inaccurate.
By Axegrinder 30 June 15:32
Costing £20 each, the plain Egyptian cotton (ethically sourced, of course) items feature catchy slogans making digs at the Daily Mail, the red tops and GCHQ.
By Axegrinder 27 June 10:03
Former Sun managing editor Richard Caseby, now PR boss for the Deparment of Work and Pensions, was so exasperated by inaccuracies which appeared in The Guardian about his department that he wrote a rather intemperate comment piece in Press Gazette.
By Axegrinder 19 June 8:58
Jeremy Paxman signed off after 25 years on Newsnight last night with a weird bike ride around London on the back of a tandem with Boris Johnson.
By Axegrinder 18 June 9:48
Press Gazette was flattered to receive an invite from the Henry Jackson Society to hear former commander of US forces in Afghanistan general David Petraeus (retired) speak in London this week.
By Axegrinder 17 June 10:29
Today’s paper admits an error had been made in saying that Tina McIntyre, of Coronation Street, had been pushed from a rooftop by Ken Barlow’s son, Peter.
By Axegrinder 13 June 15:17
Austria-based Central European News agency has had some excuses from media companies that want to re-use its hard-work for free, but this one from a US TV show takes the biscuit.
By Axegrinder 27 May 16:11
The Daily Mail, whose website is home to the infamous sidebar of shame, today took a stand over a photograph of the Duchess of Cambridge which revealed her "flimsy underwear" after a gust of wind caught her dress.
By Axegrinder 23 May 9:49
Axegrinder was taken aback – and, in fact, very impressed – with the BBC’s official response to Press Gazette’s story on employee reviews of the corporation this week.
By Axegrinder 20 May 12:03
Regular readers of Press Gazette will have gathered by now that there is little love lost between Richard Caseby and The Guardian.
By Axegrinder 09 May 12:01
Axegrinder wonders if the producers at “ancreative” had any particular areas of the DMGT business in mind when they created this video on “Equality and Diversity”.
Alan Pardew (Reuters)
By Axegrinder 25 April 12:28
As the football Premier League race enters its final lap Axegrinder has decided to compile his own table of the football clubs who come top when it comes to being beastly to the press.
By Axegrinder 17 April 10:32
Spare a thought for The Guardian, which today issued a clarification on its online story claiming the Vatican had hired a hawk to protect the Pope’s doves.
By Axegrinder 14 April 15:29
Before the invention of the internet, Axegrinder supposes awkward juxtapositions of news stories could be avoided.
By Axegrinder 10 April 12:31
Axegrinder reported yesterday how the Telegraph’s Mandrake column team found themselves banned from the Nadine Dorries book-launch party this week over what her publisher's PR described as a “slew of nasty coverage”.
By Axegrinder 09 April 12:45
Axegrinder is no expert on the dark arts of PR but he suspects that banning journalists from a particular paper from your book launch party after a bad review is not the way ahead.