By Axegrinder 08 October 16:38
Axegrinder thought he was as likely to read the words 'Newsquest wins Investors in People Award' as to see the headline 'Vlad the Impaler Given Posthumous Nobel Prize'.
By Axegrinder 30 September 16:36
Readers of Press Gazette will know we have an interest in keeping tabs on the size of the BBC's PR operation: see here and here.
By Axegrinder 15 September 9:11
Ping. The results of the "Your Say 2015" Trinity Mirror employee survey are in.
By Axegrinder 30 July 13:29

Axegrinder would like to issue an apology on behalf of Press Gazette to The Spectator staff whose lie-ins have been ruined.

By Axegrinder 23 July 9:21
An internal BBC survey found last year that one of the major gripes of staff was what has been called a “cappuccino” hiring policy.
By Axegrinder 01 July 9:56
The Guardian, like Times and Sun publisher News UK, is offering sixth formers the chance to spend a week of their summer holidays at its offices by taking part in summer school.
By Axegrinder 22 June 8:38
The Evening Standard's home affairs editor is set to return to work next week after it emerged that he struck a colleague.
By Axegrinder 15 June 10:16
Axegrinder's favourite upheld complaint in today's Ofcom bulletin comes from Mustard TV's Mustard Show.
By Axegrinder 04 June 12:07
One editor, Martin Booth, of Bristol 24/7, has used his position of power to propose in acrostic form in his magazine.
By Axegrinder 20 May 11:43
There has been much debate since the election about how much of an impact newspapers had on the result.
By Axegrinder 13 May 9:58
The Sun today published an apology after muddling up an "eccentric" and a "loony".
By Axegrinder 17 March 10:35
Axegrinder shudders to think what ‘disgusted of Tunbridge Wells’ makes of the latest online traffic-chasing wheeze on the website of the Kent and Sussex Courier.
By Axegrinder 11 March 14:40
The Guido Fawkes website has apparently taken a leaf out of the Telegraph's book and given its staff highfalutin titles.
By Axegrinder 03 March 11:30
Londoners must be grateful to have the Evening Standard these days so they can keep tabs on the comings and goings of Evgeny Lebedev.
By Axegrinder 26 February 10:01
Journalists at Local World are scratching their heads over the latest wheeze from an editor chasing online page views.
By Axegrinder 10 February 10:14
Polly Toynbee today urged readers of The Guardian to do their bit to help keep the “precarious” paper on the road.
By Axegrinder 09 February 9:09
The end when it came would not have been a surprise to her, but why has The Sun quietly dropped Mystic Meg after decades of service?
By Axegrinder 22 December 13:07
Axegrinder was amused by this tweet from The Guardian's web news editor Jonathan Haynes today. That is all.
By Axegrinder 16 December 9:01
Labour leader Ed Miliband has asked colleagues to stop leaking stories to The Mail on Sunday, according to yesterday's Black Dog diary in the paper.
By Axegrinder 15 December 15:47
The Catholic church is not the most transparent of organisations but even it will reveal how a Pope is chosen (although what happens inside the the Sistine Chapel remains secret).