By Axegrinder 30 September 16:36
Readers of Press Gazette will know we have an interest in keeping tabs on the size of the BBC's PR operation: see here and here.
By Axegrinder 15 September 9:11
Ping. The results of the "Your Say 2015" Trinity Mirror employee survey are in.
By Axegrinder 30 July 13:29

Axegrinder would like to issue an apology on behalf of Press Gazette to The Spectator staff whose lie-ins have been ruined.

By Axegrinder 23 July 9:21
An internal BBC survey found last year that one of the major gripes of staff was what has been called a “cappuccino” hiring policy.
By Axegrinder 01 July 9:56
The Guardian, like Times and Sun publisher News UK, is offering sixth formers the chance to spend a week of their summer holidays at its offices by taking part in summer school.
By Axegrinder 22 June 8:38
The Evening Standard's home affairs editor is set to return to work next week after it emerged that he struck a colleague.
By Axegrinder 15 June 10:16
Axegrinder's favourite upheld complaint in today's Ofcom bulletin comes from Mustard TV's Mustard Show.
By Axegrinder 04 June 12:07
One editor, Martin Booth, of Bristol 24/7, has used his position of power to propose in acrostic form in his magazine.
By Axegrinder 20 May 11:43
There has been much debate since the election about how much of an impact newspapers had on the result.
By Axegrinder 13 May 9:58
The Sun today published an apology after muddling up an "eccentric" and a "loony".
By Axegrinder 17 March 10:35
Axegrinder shudders to think what ‘disgusted of Tunbridge Wells’ makes of the latest online traffic-chasing wheeze on the website of the Kent and Sussex Courier.
By Axegrinder 11 March 14:40
The Guido Fawkes website has apparently taken a leaf out of the Telegraph's book and given its staff highfalutin titles.
By Axegrinder 03 March 11:30
Londoners must be grateful to have the Evening Standard these days so they can keep tabs on the comings and goings of Evgeny Lebedev.
By Axegrinder 26 February 10:01
Journalists at Local World are scratching their heads over the latest wheeze from an editor chasing online page views.
By Axegrinder 10 February 10:14
Polly Toynbee today urged readers of The Guardian to do their bit to help keep the “precarious” paper on the road.
By Axegrinder 09 February 9:09
The end when it came would not have been a surprise to her, but why has The Sun quietly dropped Mystic Meg after decades of service?
By Axegrinder 22 December 13:07
Axegrinder was amused by this tweet from The Guardian's web news editor Jonathan Haynes today. That is all.
By Axegrinder 16 December 9:01
Labour leader Ed Miliband has asked colleagues to stop leaking stories to The Mail on Sunday, according to yesterday's Black Dog diary in the paper.
By Axegrinder 15 December 15:47
The Catholic church is not the most transparent of organisations but even it will reveal how a Pope is chosen (although what happens inside the the Sistine Chapel remains secret).
By Axegrinder 28 November 8:37
The Sun's editorial today spoke of "pride" after Andrew Mitchell lost his Plebgate libel case against the newspaper yesterday. But not all staff appear to be toeing the same line.