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By Axegrinder 14 April 15:29
Before the invention of the internet, Axegrinder supposes awkward juxtapositions of news stories could be avoided.
By Axegrinder 10 April 12:31
Axegrinder reported yesterday how the Telegraph’s Mandrake column team found themselves banned from the Nadine Dorries book-launch party this week over what her publisher's PR described as a “slew of nasty coverage”.
By Axegrinder 09 April 12:45
Axegrinder is no expert on the dark arts of PR but he suspects that banning journalists from a particular paper from your book launch party after a bad review is not the way ahead.
By Axegrinder 02 April 12:09
News UK has said it will do it all can to help arrested Sun journalists. But surely this is not what it had in mind.
By Axegrinder 01 April 9:43

Lord and Lady Rothermere made a rare visit to the canteen at Northcliffe House last week for the launch of the ‘EDITORS HALLWAY’.

By Axegrinder 26 March 15:05
Any young journalists fed up with hearing from older colleagues about how bloody great everything was in the days of hot metal, long lunches and Fleet Street japes should take heart from comments overheard by Axegrinder at City University last night.
By Axegrinder 25 March 12:04
Journalists in the North West of England, in common with colleagues around the country, have become used to the fact that friendly chats with desk sergeants have become a thing of the past in the age of the press officer.
Buckingham Palace (Shutterstock)
By Axegrinder 19 March 17:49
Axegrinder has lost count of the number of juicy stories he has had shot down at the last minute by an emphatic denial.
By Axegrinder 10 March 16:44
Axegrinder was initially intrigued by the launch of new US news website Vox.com.
By Axegrinder 28 February 10:57

Axegrinder knows that as fellow journalists, none of you would be interested in the latest gossip involving one of our brethren.

In fact, I would be deeply saddened if any of you are still reading.

Rubber gloves (Credit: Nom and Malc) Creative Commons
By Axegrinder 27 February 11:01
Axegrinder was staring out of his window this morning when the ping of an email alerted him to an urgent despatch which required immediate attention.
Sharon ni Bheolain (Credit: Irish Daily Star)
By Axegrinder 25 February 12:39
Axegrinder’s Irish mole could not believe his ears as he was driving past Croke Park Stadium in Dublin earlier this morning.
By Axegrinder 24 February 10:41
The Daily Mail is accused by its critics of not always having the sunniest or most optomistic disposition – so it is perhaps not surprising that it is well prepared for the prospect of a disaster befalling its own offices.
Cut thumb (Credit: House Photography Creative Commons)
By Axegrinder 18 February 9:47
Axegrinder was halfway through his bacon sandwich this morning perusing the morning editions, as is his wont, when he got as far as the tabloids.
By Axegrinder 29 January 10:03
So why is Hollywood star and Hacked Off backer Hugh Grant so preoccupied with the issue of press regulation?
By Dominic Ponsford 27 January 10:44
Evening Standard gossip maestro Sebastian Shakespeare is preparing to step up as Nigel Dempster mark III at the Daily Mail.
By Axegrinder 27 January 9:40

Axegrinder fears that just as the legal fallout from the hacking scandal is beginning to clear News UK could be facing a new class action for eye strain following the Sunday Times redesign at the weekend.

By Axegrinder 24 January 17:16
Axegrinder has heard that the Irish Daily Mirror’s office block is being flogged-off to the highest bidder.
Tom getting his pint while getting hosed down by a group of togs
By Axegrinder 21 January 11:20
Axegrinder felt remarkably sorry for a poor chap by the name of Tom who chanced upon a sneaky pint on the way to work this morning only to be pounced upon by a pack of ravenous photographers.
By Axegrinder 16 January 10:42
The World Association of Newspapers' first press freedom mission to the UK is in the midst of a round of top-level meetings today to discuss the Royal Charter on press regulation and the Government's annoyance at Guardian revelations about state surveillance.