Audience trounce Today team in quiz

With BBC types celebrating 50 years of the Today programme, one man who’s missing the festivities is Roger Hermiston, the programme’s assistant editor who is on a four-month “attachment” with the Beeb’s documentary department.

Hermiston ‒ now working on a programme about how the media have covered the Madeline McCann story ‒ did, however, find time to join his colleagues for a drink (or two) at the Radio Academy last week when they staged a Today programme quiz.

In case you missed it, a team made up of past and present presenters such as Sue MacGregor, Sarah Montague and Carolyn Quinn ‒ joined by reporter Mike Thompson and current editor Ceri Thomas ‒ were beaten by an audience of Today listeners and some past staffers.

This humiliation is not as bad as it sounds, though. The audience was made up of a host of ex-Today editors including Phil Harding ‒ who along with Hermiston displayed their immense knowledge about the programme’s history.

Incidentally, the quiz was set by Sunday Times radio critic Paul Donovan, who wrote a book about the BBC’s flagship radio programme some years ago.

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