About Us

Press Gazette has been the must-read title for all journalists working in the British Isles since its launch in 1965.

Today it reaches more than 150,000 readers a month via its website and daily email newsletters.

Press Gazette also organises the British Journalism Awards - the only nationwide journalism awards to cut across all sectors of print, online and broadcast journalism.

In 2011 and 2012 Press Gazette achieved eight finalist places in the Online Media Awards - more than any other title. In 2011 it also received the top prize at that event - the Chairman's Award.

Lord Justice Leveson asked: "Who guards the guardians" when he set up his inquiry into press standards in 2011. Press Gazette seeks to do this, as well as highlighting best practice and giving journalists all the information they need to survive and thrive in a dramatically changing industry.

Press Gazette covers all the journalism sectors: national and regional press, radio, broadcasting, online, B2B and consumer magazines. It also provides in depth coverage of media law and journalism technology.

Today Press Gazette continues to provide an independent voice for journalism and journalists and endeavours to be the must-read title for anyone seriously interested in British journalism.