By Abbott Katz 20 May 12:35
Spreadsheets are about numbers, of course, but they're not only about them. In fact, a mass of text-based data is out there for you just waiting to be crunched, and Excel and kindred applications have forged a toolbox's worth of implements smooth the crunching.
By Abbott Katz 17 April 10:43
My first instalment on conditional formatting broached the standard, by-the-book protocol for applying conditions to cells: selecting the cells you want to subject to the potential formats, and then specifying those conditions that when realized would put the formats in play.
By Abbott Katz 01 March 15:17

Conditional formatting, Part 1: A couple of things you need to know

By Press Gazette 30 October 11:21

Kudos to Princeton University Press for having switched on the bright and interesting idea of unrolling its catalogue of titles into spreadsheet form, one each per academic discipline.

By Abbott Katz 19 October 13:33

This blog is about spreadsheets on the net and what can be done with them once they’re found, in the hopes of learning something interesting, and publishable, about them.