A tough business where lies begin at 40


Here’s a tip for anyone thinking about applying for a job at IPC (well, that’s if it lifts its recruitment freeze): Lie about your age.

According to Liz Jones she ‘stupidly, ridiculously shaved a few years’off her age on her CV when applying for the editorship of Marie Claire magazine.

Writing in the Mail on Sunday, Jones confesses that, when offered the job, she initially turned it down because she feared the truth would come out. When she came clean to her prospective boss, ‘luckily she was very understanding, and said she wanted me anyway”.

Axegrinder believes fibbing about your age is the way to go. We hear it’s jolly hard to get a job interview at a certain magazine publisher if you reveal you are 40 or over… even though the chairman is in his 70s.

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