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Nationals | 1 April 15 : 10.37
April 1 is the one day of the year when journalists can legitimately make a story up in a cheap bid to grab readers' attention.
Media business | 1 April 15 : 10.39
The magazine publisher's pre-tax profit for the 12-month period was £11.1m, up from a loss of £7.6m in the 18 months to June 2013, according to its annual report.
Nationals | 31 March 15 : 15.35
Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger has called on the UK’s “fractured press” to defend its “sacred oath” to protect sources.
Nationals | 1 April 15 : 07.16
The Liberal Democrats are to set out plans for a legal right to protect journalists from state interference and end ministers appointing...
Criminal law | 31 March 15 : 10.07
The former medi lead for the Association of Chief Police Officers said last night that there will be no return to the “good old days” of “informal” relations between police and the press.
Websites | 31 March 15 : 17.32
The site, which is part-funded by the EU and also relies on company sponsorship, currently claims around 90,000 unique browsers a month from the UK, making up 13.4 per cent of its total 667,000 audience. Its aim is to double the proportion of its traffic that comes from this country.
Media business | 31 March 15 : 15.26
In 2004, shortly after moving to Stockholm from the UK, Paul Rapacioli started running a weekly email newsletter from his bedroom sent out to his friends on a Swedish-language course.
Regionals | 31 March 15 : 11.44
Some 24 regional newspaper titles published by Trinity Mirror have published election manifestos.
Nationals | 31 March 15 : 11.20
A new weekly UK newspaper focusing on the world of Golf is to launch next week.
Nationals | 30 March 15 : 11.15
The Metropolitan Police is reportedly “sitting on dozens of unopened bin-bags of material” gathered by officers investigating Trinity Mirror national newspapers.
Criminal law | 30 March 15 : 13.04
Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has said the law needs to be changed to give journalists accused of corrupting public officials by paying for stories a clear public interest defence.
Nationals | 30 March 15 : 09.12
BBC presenter Andrew Marr believes Jeremy Paxman interviewing David Cameron and Ed Miliband in last week’s election programme was “not a good replacement” for a head-to-head debate.
Nationals | 30 March 15 : 11.01
A Premier League footballer who obtained an anonymity order against a woman selling a kiss-and-tell story to The Sun should be named, a High Court judge has decided.
Consumer | 30 March 15 : 09.31
The original lads’ mag, Loaded, is to close some 18 months after it was acquired by Simian Publishing in a management buyout.
Criminal law | 27 March 15 : 15.20
The first journalist to be found guilty of paying a public official in the wake of the high-profile Operation Elveden probe has had the conviction quashed on appeal, it can now be reported.
Nationals | 30 March 15 : 08.41
Sun columnist Katie Hopkins has been reported to police over claims she may have incited racial hatred in Rochdale by suggesting Pakistani men in the area were sex abusers.
Websites | 27 March 15 : 15.53
Speaking at the London School Economics’ Polis Journalism Conference, Jamie Angus revealed that 23m people across the UK and beyond visited the BBC News site on 26 March.