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Defamation and libel | 25 November 15 : 11.10
The reports were prompted by an undercover investigation in which Heidi Blake and Jonathan Calvert, the newspaper's Insight Team, met Yeo for lunch at Nobu restaurant posing as representatives of a Far East solar energy company.
Nationals | 25 November 15 : 11.17
The story, which featured on the newspaper’s front page on Monday, was based on a Survation poll of 1,000 British Muslims.
Media business | 25 November 15 : 09.38
Mail Online revenue growth of 18 per cent failed to offset a 7 per cent turnover dip experienced by the Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday in the year to 30 September.
Nationals | 24 November 15 : 17.43
When Paul Dacre, 67, retires from the Daily Mail, Witherow, 63, will be the longest-standing national newspaper editor.
Broadcast | 24 November 15 : 08.24
The Government has announced £85m extra funding for the BBC World Service to help "uphold global democracy".
Nationals | 24 November 15 : 15.53
Scott Chapman, 44, of Corby, Northamptonshire, was due for retrial at the Old Bailey but at the 11th hour admitted a charge of misconduct in a public office between 1 March 2010 20 and June 2011.
Criminal law | 23 November 15 : 14.37
Cleveland Police has been accused of using the phone records of a Northern Echo journalist to identify a member of the public as a source.
Photography | 24 November 15 : 07.15
David Steen,considered one of the great Fleet Street photographers of his time, has died aged 79.
Nationals | 23 November 15 : 13.49
A complaint that a Daily Telegraph story headlined "Gove could not get X-ray for broken foot" was inaccurate has been upheld by Ipso, the Independent Press Standards organisation.
Freedom of Information | 20 November 15 : 07.18
A Press Gazette investigation has raised questions over claims the Freedom of Information Act places an unreasonable "burden" on local councils.
Broadcast | 23 November 15 : 08.28
Tony Hall is to become the first director general of the BBC to argue for full external regulation.
Privacy | 20 November 15 : 13.10
Associated Newspapers has lost its challenge to an award of £10,000 privacy damages to three of singer Paul Weller's children.
Criminal law | 20 November 15 : 13.00
Two former prison officers have been jailed for leaking information to tabloid newspapers about notorious inmates.
Nationals | 20 November 15 : 09.03
Journalists at the FT have backed away from the threat of holding strike action on the day Nikkei complete’s its take-over of the...
Nationals | 19 November 15 : 16.19
The newspaper was founded in the city and used to be known as the Manchester Guardian.
Regionals | 19 November 15 : 08.48
Ashley Highfield, the chief executive of Johnson Press, said he had been in discussion with the broadcaster about a "commissioning" model where it paid for their news and pictures to use on its platforms.
Regionals | 19 November 15 : 14.00
The union said picture editor Neil Johnson and deputy editor Alan Simpson, described as a "backbone of the paper", are among those axed