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Criminal law | 17 April 15 : 17.41
Sun reporter Neil Millard says his life has been a “bad dream” ever since eight officers from Operation Elveden launched a dawn raid on his family home in the summer 2012.
Television | 17 April 15 : 12.06
The Liberal Democrats have complained about their exclusion from last night’s BBC debate, saying they were “not invited”.
Nationals | 17 April 15 : 08.35
The Daily Express owner Richard Desmond is donating another £1m to UKIP's election fighting fund.
News | 17 April 15 : 09.27
A veteran Chinese journalist was jailed for seven years for leaking a document detailing the Communist Party's resolve to target civil press freedom as a threat to its monopoly on power.
Television | 16 April 15 : 17.03
The BBC is to begin allowing paid product placement in programmes on its BBC World News international TV channel.
Nationals | 16 April 15 : 10.19
A sub-editor who worked for the Daily Mail for 39 years has published the style guide she wrote for the newspaper group – and told of her former editor’s “fear” of the back bench.
Criminal law | 15 April 15 : 13.14
The Liberal Democrat election manifesto calls for action from Parliament if the press continues to refuse to sign up to a regulator which complies with the Leveson report.
Criminal law | 15 April 15 : 09.52
A new law to protect journalists from unnecessary prosecutions is set to be included in the Liberal Democrat manifesto.
Nationals | 15 April 15 : 12.22
Media reform campaigners have welcomed Labour’s manifesto promise to tackle media plurality.
Nationals | 15 April 15 : 06.43
The Daily Mail has become the BBC's newspaper of choice, with the corporation cutting down on copies of The Guardian, new figures show.
Nationals | 14 April 15 : 13.28
The Conservative Party has pledged to offer journalists “explicit protection” under the British Bill of Rights, which it wants to replace the Human Rights Act, in its 2015 election manifesto.
Criminal law | 14 April 15 : 16.38
Victims of female genital mutilation will be entitled to lifelong anonymity in the media under new provisions which will come into force next month.
Regulation | 14 April 15 : 09.31
Labour’s pledge to enforce the Leveson report recommendations could ultimately see the UK press threatened with regulation by Ofcom.
Nationals | 14 April 15 : 11.54
Most members of the public quizzed by Press Gazette in a vox pop today did not appear to agree with Labour's manifesto plan for tougher press regulation.
Criminal law | 14 April 15 : 10.33
The Green Party’s 2015 general election manifesto has called for the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act to be scrapped, citing its failure to protect journalistic sources.
Regulation | 13 April 15 : 12.17
The Labour Party has today pledged “implementation of the recommendations of the Leveson Inquiry” in its 2015 election manifesto.
Nationals | 14 April 15 : 08.55
The 47-year-old is accused of committing perjury in the 2010 trial of former MSP Tommy Sheridan.