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Regulation | 4 August 15 : 09.19
A new charity promising funding for a Leveson-compliant press regulator has launched.
Appointments | 4 August 15 : 15.00
Buzzfeed has announced the recruitment of another high-profile Guardian journalist, head of news Stuart Millar.
Media law | 4 August 15 : 13.23
Over and over again the popular press had "peddled false stories, gleefully and irresponsibly then taken up by politicians," Michael Zander, Emeritus Professor at the London School of Economics, said in an article in the New Law Journal.
News | 4 August 15 : 10.52
The Scottish Social Attitudes survey found that in 2014 41 per cent of Scots "regularly read one or more daily morning newspapers". This is down from 76 per cent in 1999.
Nationals | 3 August 15 : 12.56
The total cost to the Crown Prosecution Service of pursuing phone-hacking cases against journalists now totals more than £1.2m.
Media business | 3 August 15 : 09.32
Trinity Mirror's adjusted operating profit fell by £2.4m in the first half of 2015, despite the group delivering cost savings of £7m.
Nationals | 3 August 15 : 11.52
The newspaper revealed yesterday that a whistleblower had provided it - along with German broadcaster ARD/WDR - with data from the "biggest leak of blood-test data in sporting history".
Regulation | 31 July 15 : 15.56
The chief executive of News UK Mike Darcey has asked the Press Recognition Panel not to consider applications from potential press regulators with no members.
Broadcast | 31 July 15 : 13.04
Meirion Jones, Newsnight's former head of investigations, told Press Gazette in an interview - published this week - that he felt "everyone involved on the right side of the Savile argument has been forced out of the BBC".
Nationals | 31 July 15 : 09.14
George Osborne has been challenged to reveal if he met or contacted Rupert Murdoch during a period which saw BBC funding cuts.
Consumer | 31 July 15 : 10.16
The mother, Leanne Owens, complained to the Independent Press Standards Organisation that the title had breached clauses one (accuracy), two (opportunity to reply) and five (intrusion into grief or shock) of the Editors' Code of Practice.
Media business | 30 July 15 : 09.47
Guardian News and Media, publisher of The Guardian, Observer and, reduced its underlying losses from £19.4m to £19.1m in the 2014/15 financial year, according to its results.
Broadcast | 29 July 15 : 10.13
Three days after finishing work Panorama documentary The Fake Sheikh Exposed, producer Meirion Jones was told his services were no longer required by the programme.
Criminal law | 30 July 15 : 11.58
Coverage of businessman Edward Ware's activities by journalist John McAllister started as a legitimate exercise in public interest journalism, but could now no longer be justified as freedom of expression, said Judge Patrick Moloney QC, sitting in the High Court on 24 July.
Media business | 30 July 15 : 09.00
And the publisher’s adjusted operating profit was £6.1m, up 8 per cent on an underlying basis.
Regionals | 29 July 15 : 12.09
Colleagues, barristers and judges have all paid tribute to Southern Daily Echo court reporter John Hoskins, who is hanging up his notebook after 50 years.
Regulation | 28 July 15 : 19.10
Founder board member of the Independent Press Standards Organisation Bill Newman has been sacked from the body - apparently because he used to work for The Sun.

Media law

Police Scotland accused of unlawfully using RIPA to find journalistic source since March law change
Police Scotland is facing accusations that it is one of two police forces to have unlawfully accessed phone records to find journalistic sources since March. Last month it emerged that two UK forces have used the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act without judicial approval to find sources since the Save Our Sources stopgap law preventing this practice was passed. The Interception of Communications Commissioner’s Office (IOCCO), which regulates the use of RIPA, revealed the incidents but did not name the forces or individuals involved.