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Broadcast | 27 August 15 : 14.56
The BBC is "killing itself", former Crimewatch presenter Nick Ross has said.
Broadcast | 27 August 15 : 14.47
Sky News has claimed a Guinness World Record for the most concurrent web video streams from a single live event.
Regionals | 26 August 15 : 14.19
UK regional newspaper web traffic growth appeared to more than cancel out print readership decline in the first half of this year.
Consumer | 27 August 15 : 10.15
A music magazine editor has been sacked after two competition prizes were found advertised for sale on Ebay.
Broadcast | 26 August 15 : 16.48
US police are chasing the suspect in a fatal shooting of a reporter and cameraman during a live television broadcast, the governor of Virginia has said.
Regionals | 26 August 15 : 14.54
The Sunday Herald was the only weekly title audited by ABC to grow its sale in the first half of this year, again apparently benefiting from its support for Scottish nationalism.
Nationals | 26 August 15 : 10.14
Some 94 per cent of UK adults interact with national newspapers and magazines at least once month in print or online, according to the National Readership Survey.
Photography | 25 August 15 : 12.55
UK press photographers are largely spurning a bid by the Notting Hill Carnival to charge them £100 to cover this year’s event.
Criminal law | 25 August 15 : 16.46
A former prison officer from Bury St Edmunds has become the latest to be charged under the high-profile Operation Elveden investigation into newspapers' dealings with public officials.
Regionals | 25 August 15 : 15.06
A national entertainment news website launched by regional group Johnston Press has celebrated exceeding 1m unique browsers per month.
Privacy | 24 August 15 : 12.17
The UK Information Commissioner has ordered Google to remove links detailing an individual’s criminal conviction in the light of the European “right to be forgotten ruling”.
Nationals | 24 August 15 : 15.44
A former official who leaked stories to the Sun about a Serco-run immigration centre has pleaded guilty to misconduct in a public office.
Television | 24 August 15 : 09.59
Alex Salmond has described the BBC's coverage of the Scottish independence referendum as a "disgrace" as he hit back at outgoing political editor Nick Robinson's attack on "Putin-like" protests against the corporation.
Radio | 20 August 15 : 10.48
A BBC World Service journalist sacked after he failed to put a report of the birth of Prince George into Sri Lankan news bulletin has lost a tribunal claim for race discrimination.
Nationals | 21 August 15 : 09.50
Nick Robinson has compared protests against his coverage of the Scottish independence referendum to something out of Vladimir Putin's Russia.
Nationals | 21 August 15 : 09.26
A British journalist who worked for the Daily Express betrayed his country to become one of the key Soviet agents of the Second World War.
Defamation and libel | 19 August 15 : 17.55
News agency Central European News has began legal action against Buzzfeed over a 5,000-word story headlined: ‘The King of Bullshit News’.